*UPDATED 6/1* May-Sept Nike SB Clothes, Kicks PICS! INFO!

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Added pics of the Noodle Pack FC's. Info and pics in the June section. They *should* release this month, if not, then probably next month. Pics are from NSBDC (nikeskateboarding.com).

Previous Update I added the RD's for the kids stuff, added a little more Angus and FC info/RD's, and updated the "core" clothing.

I posted before that there was girls stuff, however there will only be kid's stuff. I was tired and got GS (grade-school) confused with Girls' Skate. The sizing for the Kids' stuff should be the same as any other Nike GS shoe. I would imagine the smaller sized GS stuff fits girls quite nicely as well. Also, the retail for the GS SB shoes is less than the regular men's SB line (which is to be expected) The FC is $35, the Angus is $40 One more thing, the GS FC has a different sole than the regular FC. I would liken it to an Etnies Lo-Cut.

Here's some info on upcoming, non-retro SB shoes and SB clothes for May-Sept.

For a version of this post containing the retro stuff (dunks, Delta Force Low SB) as well, click

All release dates are correct, though if Nike changes them last minute, don't whine to me.These are release dates and pics for stuff most peep's will want to know. I haven't bothered with the Angus, kids, or girls stuff yet. Though, I will post it if people want. The release dates aren't set in stone like the hemp dunks, but around those days are when shops are supposed to get the product.

May 10th - Black/Gum Angus (whole shoe is suede), Denim E-Cue, Man UTD FC's, and GS Man UTD FC's (GS FC's have a dif sole than regular FC's)

June 10th - Kids' Black/Gum Angus, Kids' Mushroom/Khaki Angus

June 15th - Juventus FC, Black Jetsetter's (Jetsetter's are limited), Magnet/Forrest/Black Angus

-The two noodle FC's are *supposed* to come out in June. They will be limited, and only drop in select places (NY/HK/Tokyo/LA/TW/SH/UK). I would recomend getting them if you can. They are very hot.

July 1st - Black/Gum FC (whole shoe is suede)

July 15th - White/Medium Gray/Midnight Navy GS FC, Jetstream/Black/Midnight Fog GS FC, Black/Gum GS FC (unlike the men's version, it has a white midsole)

August 1st - Yassutaka E-Cue (Mesh layer is a strange camo, rubber layer is clear), Khaki/Orange Jetsetter (again Jetsetter's are pretty limited)

Sept 1st - Inter FC. The Inter FC has pretty nice leather.

- The Jetsetter is going to be pretty limited, which sucks a lot, but retails at 75, which doesn't.

- The Juventus FC is flesh tone suede. Kind of a very light peach/skin/pink color that almost looks tan from a distance. I Forgot the RD. I'll add it in later.

- P-Rod will have an all newly designed sig shoe early next year. It's kinda going to be like an AF1, dunk, and an eS Accel.

- There *might* be a Safari print Angus in colors similar to the other non-SB safari stuff coming out in Sept or August.

The fall clothing is seperated into two sections, core and premium. As you will see, the premium stuff is ment to match the tweed dunks. Sorry, no RD's or pics for the clothes. (sorry didn't feel like scanning the release sheet)

- Plaid Blazer/Sport Coat (paisley lined, hay color) retail: $180
- Wool P-Coat (paisley lined, dark brown/black color) retail: $250
- Sneakers only Jacket (paisley lined, dark brown/black color) retail: 150
- Cardigan Sweater with Tweed Dunk emboroidery (like the polo's) retail: $50
- Long Sleeve Tweed Dunk Polo (hay color with paul brown collar) retail: $60
- Short Sleeve Tweed Dunk Polo (hay color) retail: $50
- Drivers Cap retail: $30
- Cap (looks similar to a Supreme cap) retail: $30
- Lambskin Gloves retail: $30
- Paisley Sneaker Tie (hay colored, patterns resemble distorted dunks) retail: $18

- Faux Suede Zip-Up windrunner (lower is a brown faux suede, upper faux fur) retail: $160
- Nike Air Logo Dri-Fit T-Shirt's (Sea Crystal, Estadio, and Black w/ pink logo) retail: $25
- Dunk Polo's The next run of dunk polos will be (embroidery in color of dunk, color in parenthesis the color of the shirt): Homer Dunk (black), Crystal Dunk Hi's (sea crystal), Unkle Dunk Hi (pink) retail: $45
- Pullover Fleece Windrunners in black body/pink upper, and charcoal body/estadio upper retail: $48
- Beanies in same color as the fleece windrunners (these are thee kind of beanie w/ a pom-pom thing on top) retail: $20
- Skate Military Caps (civil war style caps) retail: $20

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Good looking. Can't wait until August 1st when those camo eCue's drop. They are so :wow:

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Does anybody know what stores in the Bay Area will get the denim E-cues?
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I would imagine Huf and FTC at least. Nike is cutting production numbers on the ecues to match demand. Almost any shop can still get the ecue if they want (the Jetsetter is a different story), but with the crazier colors coming out, it's likely only large, well known shops and places in big cities with enough demand will be able to move them, and thus order them.

Also, Nike SB's new policy towards ordering of non-dunk SB's, is that a shop must order 4 of a non-dunk for every 12 dunks they order.

The E-Cue may have reduced numbers, but the Jetsetter will be quite limited. This sucks long and hard. Especially, since they are priced at an affordable $75. More genius moves from the SB dept. :rolleyes

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well, i like some things in this post, but im not telling anyone what it is,

and call me lame, but the sounds of blazer sounds coppable

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Regular retail: $69.99

activemailorder.com will have them. Any other SB shop that decides to order them (they aren't limited) will have them as well.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]White/Medium Gray/Midnight Navy GS FC, Jetstream/Black/Midnight Fog GS FC[hr][/hr]
so these 2 colors are not going to be available in mens also...??

sucks if they dont...i was looking forward to both of them after seein the catolog pics....
HELP!!! kicks i NEED!!!
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run ya kicks

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I swear I'm gonna get atleast 3 of those FCs.
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I want Ice Crystal SB in a 13. Know where I can get them, tell me.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]so these 2 colors are not going to be available in mens also...??
Sorry, but I think not. There will be more hot men's FC's dropping later this year. The Gino FC is especially smokin'.

Quote:[hr][/hr]ok guys thoz soccer team ones r hott. Do they sell only on NDC?? and for how much. Sorry im a noob!![hr][/hr]
The SB line is only sold at authorized skate shops. The best place online to get FC's is probably activemailorder.com. Active is pretty much the premier online/mailorder store for skateboarding right now.

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Just to let peeps know, there is now a sticky post in the retro forum with the retro SB info.

Maybe we can get some of this info in the stickied news post here. I'm sure some heads would appreciate it.

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Whoever hooks me up gets a good SB dunk hookup. I get mine for 60, and ship for $5 in the US (UPS connection). For international, that's less than $100 shipped w/ EMS)
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Damn, and I already liked E-cue's. Those camo ones are :pimp:
, not to mention the Jetsetter's are :pimp:
, and limited, too!


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Lots of good stuff coming.

I am glad a bunch of people sleep on the FCs. They are a great shoe and it looks like the future colors are going to be interesting.

Probably pick up my 1st pair of e-cues when the denims hit.

Nike has some great shoes for the SB releasing for the rest of the year.
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anybody know whats up with the orca ecues, ive seen a pic but forgot to saveit?
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Can someone explain the GS FC's, I saw that they had a diff. sole, but how so?
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