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Wats good NT fam,

As most of you guys know, UPS-N-COMIN' is comprised of four members - BiGG MiCC, BiG L, Unkle P, and YunG GaBE. Most of you have seen my cussoms, BiGG MiCC, and i regularly post, comment on others work, take orders, etc. HOwever, there are others in the group and my dude BiG L has a few stuff that he's kicked out and is ready to show you guys wat he's made of...i guess LOL. So without further adue, i present you a BiG L production......All feedback welcome - love, hate, tips, and/or tricks


Peanut Butter N Blue Berry Jellies

HallowGreen Methods

FunKy Beats

Crazy HYPE Cusssomss


Radiation TIFFS
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Meh...'cause tho he got some interesting themes, the color within each pair just don't compliment the rest of the color scheme on the same shoe.... instead the color is clashing too much.

Another thing is why do ppl give themselves same moniker after legendary figures had used them before....i.e. "Big L"

Nothing personal, just my 2 cent
Rollers Studio
Joined Jan 11, 2006
Um, i hear wat u sayin Masaro about the color clashin
anyway, in terms of "givin himself the same moniker after a legendary figure". its not even about that...
Two people in the same hood got the same name...therefore every1 was able to differentiate which one you was talkin about
by using "Big" or "Small" in front of L...this has nothin to do wit tryin to be like THE "BIG L" from Harlem....
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