urban accounts in brooklyn

Well hmm, lets see
Premium Goods
347 fifth avenue brooklyn ny
between 4th and 5th streets in Park Slope, take the R train to Union st and walk up to 5th ave. They got a decent selection, and theyre always marking @#%$ down. Catch their shoes behind the glass, there's like 20 premiums.

Bobby Sportswear
508 5th Ave
Between 12th and 13th sts in Park Slope once again, damn big ups to my neighborhood. They got a larger selection of kicks, but more of the general release kicks with a few premium accounts, theyre good tho cuz u can always bargain wit them. I got Citrus VII's for $110 and the puf n stuf sb dunks for $100.

Also, right across the street is jean stop, which carries more exclusive joints with less sizes available.

Sneaker Expo
5524 5th Ave, corner of 55th st sunset park
Nice selection of kicks here too, with sales all the time.

If you continue to walk down 5th ave towards the lower numbers (55th, then 54th, then 53rd, etc) you should run into a few stores that I generally like to pop into, I dunno the names of em, but if you walk down for like 5-10 blocks you should hit a couple, as well as a Jimmy Jazz nd a VIM's.

those r just a few off the top of my head
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