Usher feat Luda- Dat girl right there

Pure Garbage, the beat is just terrible. |I
song is not bad.


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lol heard the beat and changed it asap
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People really shouldn't be worried about Usher IMO.

This song is completely WACK except for Luda... however Usher always does this.

He comes back with some wack @#%$ warm up single, and then he follows it up a classic.

Yall remember the video for Pop Ya Collar?

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Put this song on another beat and then lets discuss it....

edit: I listened to it again and its not that bad actually...I kinda like it
Was Danja behind this? I can't really tell. The annoying whistling sound is similar to the ones used on Wonder Woman.
^^Na, Rich Harrison produced this.
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^ i LyricaLJKilla i. Good looks. And after listening to this track a few more times, i got used to the beat. Despite the annoying whistling sound, the beat is ferocious and Usher killed this track. And Ludas verse could have been longer, but
Got the song this morning and played it a lot today. I think it's a nice come back single. To be honest my version doesn't sound like the one above.The synths are not high and drowning everything else out.

Edit: This dude Young Steff, that used to be on Rocafella, had this joint and was most likely strong armed to let it go. It would have probably been a betterlook for him. I hope he wrote it and gets credit.
as soon as the beat stop playin i stoped it theres no good comin out of that song with a beat like that
Beat is kinda crazy but they crossed that line between being ill and trying to do too much. Luda did his thing though.
I gave the song a few listens and I really like it because its so different, and Luda freakin killed it! In a month or two this is gonna be a popular song.
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