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This is long overdue...

I see random Neps appreciation threads (in one form or another) pop up every week or so, so I thought we should keep the conversation in one place.

Post your favorite tracks, most underrated tracks, relatively unknown tracks, etc. in here. 

N*E*R*D news?  In here.

Current working partners?  In here.

Randomly feel like appreciating a Neps' beat/track/project?  In here.


The greatest producers of the last decade.  Probably the most versatile producers of all time that started out in hip-hop.

Mystical to Britney Spears to Jay-Z to Gwen Stefani to Snoop Dogg to Madonna to Jadakiss to currently producing Gloria Estefan's entire album, of all people (and everyone else in between).

Justified to Hell Hath No Fury...think about that for a sec.

And I haven't even touched on N*E*R*D.

Film scores (Despicable Me)?

Who else could pull that off?!


People claim they have fallen off and I can completely see where they're coming from.  But I'd be lying if I told you that I don't look forward to their new material anymore.  A good portion of their music is timeless and stuff that we'll be listening to 20+ years from now.

I'm adamant on making this into a successful thread.  I know there are enough fellow Neps/N*E*R*D fans and stans on here to make this a success.  If I have to get my DipsetGeneral on, I will.

Speaking of, get to work Dipset.


Legendary Career Discog: http://en.wikipedia.org/w...The_Neptunes_discography

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Can't figure out what track I want to start off w/ in here...

So I'm gonna go w/ the OG (literally):

Teddy Riley + P.

mr marcus

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+#+%@+ yuku
had no idea P had involvement w/ rumpshaker

one of my fav is
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Pharrell one of the most pivotal producer/singer/rappers in the game.

I think you should movie those studio sessions with timberlake over to this thread. Jusitifed was classic with timbaland, scott scorch, the pharrell production.
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Young Jeezy feat. Pharrell - Rumor Has It
Faith Evans feat. Loon - Burnin' Up
All Saints feat. Pusha T - Black Coffee
Justin Timberlake - Let's Take A Ride (first version without live drums)
Jay-Z - Allure, #%$% All Nite, I Know
Ma$e - Looking at Me
TI- What's Your Name, Kick It At the Hotel, Goodlife

could go on for a while but those are some of my fave Neptunes tracks.
there's definitely enough Neptunes fans on this board to keep this thread alive.
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when I was in like 10th grade my homie would play this song in the tape player in his whip back to back. Song was so ill to us back then for some reason
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Originally Posted by Epidemik The Great

Ant need to go ahead and sticky this�

Never heard this original. Alway thought this was Mickey Factz song 
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Real random but do you guys think that Pharrell overshadows Chad so much so that you may even claim The Neptunes = Pharrell Williams?
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