Dec 25, 2006
do you know a place or store which sells vans other than slip-ons? i.e half-cabs, sk8 his, prison issues, chukkas or authentics. all i see here in the PI are slip-ons and clucky skate shoes which kind of annoys me. if there are any, please lead me to the right direction. thanks!
i bought some authentics for 500 pesos. of course theyre fake, but they looks exactly like my real ones.

anyway, if your into pets and shoes, they have this place called Cartimar (spelling is off but sounds like that) has a whole street of shoe stores, and streets and streets of pet stuff
^You got the spelling right, man. :smile:
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Go to VANS SM Megamall, they have a large selection of half cabs n sk8s

Looking For:
DS or VNDS Air Zoom Generation, Zoom Lebron II, 20-5-5 US9.5-10 PM me!

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