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I was thinking of buying a vending machine to make some extra and possibly a business out of it i heard u can make 250 a week with one machine . How does everyone feel about owning a vending machine 
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Ill recommend you at my job if you do start up.. the vending machinge at my place charges 90 cents for a bag a cheetos.. last year it was 65 cents 
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Hard to start out. Most high density places already have vending machines set up


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Hmmm, I think it could work.
Just need the adjust the price, and get the stuff for the cheap!
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if you break it all down you could make some good money. theres 7 slots in one column, each slot can fit probably 10 chips, so lets say you put it up for a dollar each, thats 10 bucks times 7= 70 bucks in one column and you'll have 7 columns so 490-500 bucks a week? and renting space probably wont cost much and im sure you could get whole sale prices for the bag chips n candy bars. But i think going with a bottle machine would make money much faster, everyone's thirsty, specially in a production/factory setting.
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at how vending machine prices have risen over the years. They should be ashamed. Chips and canned drinks goin for a dollar and bottles for like 1.50. Greed is a killer.
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It's easy money if you can make it happen. The problem probably would be finding a location for your machine(s). Put some healthy stuff in it because you can price it higher than junk food. It gives people more options. I wouldn't get into soda machines because it can be pricey to maintain than candy machines.
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The idea for a vending machine side hustle seems to come up on here every month. Does anyone have past/current experience running one? It just seems like more trouble than its worth if you ask me.
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it's not as easy as one would think.

You just can't throw a vending machine somewhere because you think it would be a good place for a vending machine.
You need to pay a monthly fee to place your machine somewhere in most cases.
You need to constantly beaware of dates on products, make sure the display is full, and the machine works.

It sounds easy to wholesale a lot of candy bars, and buying them is, but how many candy bars will you sell in one week? Can you keep the display full without product going stale?
What is your profit margin going to be per sale?
Will it cover the cost of gas to travel to the machine, pay for taxes or shipping for buying the product? What is the initial investment on buying a vending machine, do you think you can make enough to cover the cost of the initial purchase plus maintenance?

Do you have the time and storage to organize backstock and rotate for code dates?

Who is going to pay for the electricity that the machine uses? Is it part of the contract you sign for placing your machine in a location, or is it up to you?

It's not just buy a machine, throw +$#@ in there, make money.

Those are some of the steps...
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