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Dec 6, 2005
Do any of you remember reinacting the dunk from the free throw line? I remember it like if it was just yesterday.

Yeah.....the one in the dunk contest in Seattle as well as the one in Chicago(which is probably the only you're talking about)....along with just about every other one.
Aug 16, 2004
Even if you had the money to, I never remember anyone buying multiple pairs back in the day. My cousin was in the NBA & he'd buy pairs for like 8 or 9 peeps at a time, but it was never on some "I need 4 pairs of the same shoe" tip.

Hell, back in the day, half the people who copped were gonna hoop in them. Maybe not in the first 2 weeks to a month, but if you were known for being fly & fresh off the court, you had to come correct on the court too. Serious ballers back in the early 90s never had on some Team-Issue kicks. More like Force Max, Huarache's or whatever Jordan was out.
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Jan 30, 2007
Noone thought about keeping them. MOst of the time they were wore straight out of the store.
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Mar 23, 2003
The main attraction about jays was being the FIRST one to have them, and wear them ALL THE TIME.

aint that the truth.
This is why I dont really cop J's anymore.
The fun has been taken out of it.
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Sep 12, 2007
Quote :Noone thought about keeping them. Most of the time they were wore straight out of the store.

Damn this is so true. If you bought Jordans back in the day, you wore those joints RIGHT AWAY. It actually meant something to wear a pair of J's. It was THE basketball shoe to have, and typically meant that you can play ball. It wasn't about matching clothes with them or reselling in the LEAST.
Sep 23, 2007
Today's collector will never understand the TRUE thrill of having a pair of Air Jordans. I was in high school during the absolute best run ever -- XI, XII, XIII, XIV. I had every pair in at least 2 colorways and I WOULDN'T DREAM of putting them on ice. To walk in the halls the first Monday after a Saturday release was the stuff that dreams were made of. I worked at Mickey D's, then the local grocery store just for that feeling. I wore them to school, basketball practice, and everywhere in between. MJ and Nike were on top then, and that era will NEVER be repeated. WEAR YOUR RETROS!!!!!!!!!! You'll notice that the true heads will respect the hell out of you when you walk the mall in a flawless pair of 3s, 4s, 6s, 13s in an OG colorway and it'll feel much better than showing off the boxes. Trust me.
Feb 11, 2002
Man, This is bringing back memories. I remember driving through dangerous snow storms for an hour to get the shoes. If someone had the new model before me, I would be salty. I remember this kid got the VII first and I just stared at his kicks the entire english class. But yeah, it made you feel high to wear those shoes back then. And how you gonna play like MJ if you didn't wear them to hoop in?! I used to wear mine through to the air bag....
Jul 23, 2007
I was 10 when I got my first pair of Jordans (Black VI's) so no, the thought of having them and not wearing them didn't even enter my realm of possibility. I wore the hell outta those kicks.
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Dec 30, 2006
I would basicly get the 1st colorway each Oct., wear them my whole b-ball season then when that was over wear them to ball outside. They would be beated beyond recognition and then the cycle would start all over again the next year. I've burried alot of OG heat and Retro heat w/ this formula but it never dawned on my to save them to resell. As I've gotten older and better w/ the computer (comfortable w/ EBay etc). I have a few in my collection that are DS that I would consider selling down the line. I didn't make a concious effort to be a reseller but the switch is subtle and underway.
Apr 4, 2007
my parents bought me one pair every year, and i wore that pair till i got my next one

best was in third grade

i just got the blk/red XII

first day with them at recess dropped 26points (we went by 2's and 3's and played till recess ended) score was 32-28 my team, i am sophmore in college but i still remember that day as if it was yesterday

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May 6, 2005
I'm more of a shoe collector than just a Jordan head so I've always had at leat 30 plus pair of shoes at any given time.

Remember now I'm 40 years old so I'm talking I "collected" shoes before it was "in" to collect. My Jordans were part of my rotation with all of those other shoes.

That being said my Jordans never really got beat except my VII's which I threw away two pair, original cardinals and the playoff ones with the purple pull tab (I know how people hate to call those Raptors). Some years I just bought one pair, X's, XV's, and other years a couple of pairs VII's, VIII's, IX's, XI's and XIII's(only the two lows by the way) Other years I bought many pairs XII's and XV's. Those years I bought multiple pairs just to wear out a pair and have a pair to wear later. Some of those got worn Taxi and Obsidian XII's and others still haven't Red White XII's. I've never considered selling a deadstock pair but I have considered selling one of the slightly worn pair and then wearing the DS ones for myself.

The only retro I've bought two pair of are the ceramic/navy XIII lows and that's just because I have so many teams I root for that wear those colors I thought I might wear them out.

I usually buy 5-10 pair of shoes a year sometimes 7 or 8 are Jordans this year only two pair have been. The Fire Red III's and the newest white/orange VIII's.

I also clean all my shoes after each wearing but I don't stress or fret over every spot or crease. I buy shoes to wear and feel I must wear my shoes to enjoy them.

That's my take. Hope I answered all the questions.
Apr 22, 2006
When jordans came out everybody copped, put them on, and when straight to the gym. That was just the thing to do, hoop in the new air jordans!
Apr 9, 2007
The thrill for me is to wear them practically right out of the store. Most collectors today just buy them, let them sit there in the box and say they're happy. I can't just stare at the box and be satisfied. I have to have them on my feet to stay happy. I do not worry about creases but I do clean my shoes after about every 2-3 wears just to keep them looking nice. I remember buying my first jays last year around this time or like a month before. I didn't know that Jordans would sell out in a day and it was about 2 weeks after the Military IV's released. So I called into footlocker and asked them if they had any. Man I was so glad that they had ONE PAIR in the store and it was my size - 10. Some dude supposedly returned them in DS condition (of course they had to be DS or you can't return em) and luckily it was my size. I still fit into them and try to keep them from getting very beat as they have gone through a season of playing basketball in. As I went on collecting through last year and this year, I have studied alot about shoes, shoe maintenance, spotting out fakes, and most importantly, the legacy of the man himself, Michael Jordan and what each shoe meant. I was born when the 8's came out and when I was about 4 or 5 I caught some games on TV and knew that he was the best of the game. I used to have a jersey of his too but it probably is somewhere else right now. Now I am 14 years old and in the midst of the worst Jordan release years in history. Next year on the other hand will probably be the best year besides '01. As I read you guys' responses to my post, I wish even more that I was old enough to remember the golden years of Michael Jordan and I appreciate how much the shoes are more.
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
Jan 19, 2005
Shoes are meant to be worn, and when mom and dad finally broke down and bought you a pair...there's no way that those Air Jordans weren't going to be on my feet.

It's the same today. I wear all of my sneakers.

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Apr 6, 2004
My moms got me OG 9s in elementary school so im a vet. I never thought that about jays, because they hooped too dam well. When i was 9, I thought about preserving some zoom 95s, white with carbon, when the spot near my barber shop had them on sale for 60, i think. That young, I didnt have that kind of money, and couldnt muster a convincing enough request for my moms to buy me a mens shoe when i wore a 6Y.
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