Vince Carter UNC days

Joined Apr 26, 2005
Edit: video removed due to use of profanity & slur. User tempbanned.

i just came across this video, i know he's not on top of his game anymore, but he was a monster, dunking on everyone...
Joined Oct 8, 2008
start at 53 secoinds on that video

whatta monster

42 on michigan state was a monster too whoever that is

Joined Aug 29, 2005
^ Im honestly starting to worry about you. Have you ever made a post that wasnt about J-Rich? I know you love him, but come on man its a "little" toomuch, dont you think?
Joined Dec 10, 2009
not only was/maybe still is vince a better bball player than jrich, i would take his dunks anytime. the 2000 olympics, the unc days, the 2000 dunk contest, thecountless jaw dropping dunks in toronto, that dunk he had over alonzo mourning a few years back...maybe jrich had better dunk contests, but i think vince is away better in game dunker.
Joined Feb 11, 2001
That missed dunk at the end of a Duke game where Ed Cota bounced it off the backboard with VC going in for the jam still has me
. Would've been my 2nd most memorable dunk right after the "Freddie" dunk at 2000 Olympics had he made it
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