Vintage Popshop in NYC / Hoboken and Haberdashery: Circa

Apr 12, 2003
Hoboken and Haberdashery, who have been slanging vintage hotness north of the border for a scolding hot minute, bring their museum on wheels to the big apple. The pop-up shop is set to unveil on Saturday, June 2nd at Gabriel Urists Worlds Fair from 12pm-8pm. Jesse Heifetz & J.R. Ewing of Hoboken and Haberdashery say of their product mix, First rate vintage one-of-a-kinds from the 70s-90s will be offered for the seasoned collectors. Our customers enjoy and share our love for amazing constructed and affordable timeless vintage pieces.

To highlight a few vintage faves, be sure to check for: original Benetton apparel; luxe Christian Dior tops; Nike memorabilia; Gucci collection (sought after sweats and breakers); Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM); Coco Chanel accessories; TROOP apparel; Ralph Lauren (late 1980's to present) and many other design notables. If youre a vintage lover, this is an event you wont want to miss. See you their

Event Date: Saturday, June 2nd | 12pm-8pm

Gabriel Urists Worlds Fair
204 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-219-9580
I was gonna go but i changed my mind at the last minute...............dont need to waste my money in old crap when there is too much no crap coming out every week
damn im gonna be in ny in like 2 weeks, do they/you have a store out there? is this happening again anytime soon? anything closly releated that happening towrds lik the 16-27th of june? if not i def missed out....
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