VIsiting ATL next month... What shoe stores should I visit?

Aug 22, 2006
Hey guys, I will be going to ATL for a long weekend in March and wondered what shoe stores, botiques are there that I should visit. Any help is appr. Thanks
the best spot of all time.
PRESTIGIOUS in lawremceville. mad heat!!!!!
got some @#%$ AM95s and DMP XI from there.
and make sure u bring some dough

Prestigious is closed for the time being.

Walters is straight, but they always give me funny looks, maybe cuz i dont buy anything though...haha...

go to Wish in L5P.
FS:Huf AT1 vvnds $100 sz12--Vans Sk8-Hi Ballistic Nylon DS $100 sz 11 and 12--Germany Blazer SB vvnds $50 sz 11.5--DMPs DS $475 sz 11.5--Hawaii SB's VVNDS $130 sz 12
ill be in the a this wen day any spots up there got any old heat such as jordan xv whats people be wearin up there any new name brands that havent hit florida yet
fs ds spiz ike size 12 240
They actually still got some retail Flipz at Sports Additions in North Dekalb Mall. Prestigious overcharges. Walter's is the best bet, but they only let u buy one pair
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