Visiting Austin for 2 days - Recommendations?

Joined Aug 1, 2004
Hi guys,

I'm going to be in Austin for work in 2 weeks for 2 days. Any recommendations on food or places to grab a couple drinks? Or even a cool shop to drop by?

So far I've been told:
Salt Lick

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I'll be there tomorrow...I hit up Aussies Beach bar...good spot to get drinks & chill...hit up Tekgnar for Sb's, Nice Kicks of course...and i try to to always hit max's wine dive
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Gueros in South Austin is a good place to get mexican food.

6th street is fun if you are into goin out to bars, it is a bunch of college kids for the most part though.  The surrounding area has a bunch of bars too that arent necessarily as overrun by college kids.
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bump for austin. anybody got any other recommendations? is a car rental necessary? hotel recommendations?
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bump for austin. anybody got any other recommendations? is a car rental necessary? hotel recommendations?
i got you, bro. car rental = yes, f-ing necessary. hotels in austin are EXPENSIVE cause there aren't that many. and by expensive i mean not cheap (like $40 cheap on better bidding that you can find for houston or new orleans or something). We always stay at Aloft in the Domain but it is a solid 20 minutes away from the action. Austin Motel (sounds horrible) is smack in the center of South Congress -- a very lively Austin-y street. I think both are around a hundo a night. 

skip salt lick. skip franklins (unless you really are willing to wait 3 hours for bbq - they used to take preorders a week early but seem to flake hard these days). these are my suggestions for good eats:

home slice pizza. don't hate, it's awesome

hop doddy. how good can a burger be? fun atmosphere, just very young and vibrant

the mighty cone is worth looking for

i'm a huge fan of uchiko - because uchi is going to be booked and i refuse to wait over 1 hour or 1.5 hours to eat.

jmueller's bbq i've heard good things

taco. deli. TACO DELI.

also it depends how old you are - 6th street if you're still poor, i heard rainey street is the $$ 6th street.

i also recommend a visit to whole foods just for *****. the first whole foods. and it is just really really big. take a piss there, buy an honest tea and bounce
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Spending a weekend here. How good is this salt lick bbq?

What are some cool late 20 bars?
Joined Jan 23, 2003
Hi planning a November two day trip in Austin and then a few days in Dallas. Any recommendations for breweries, bars, BBQ/food in general are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Franklin BBQ (i heard they had a fire), Kerbey Lane, anything on 4th or 6th street
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