Visiting New York: Help please

Jan 7, 2007
Sorry, there are some kind of similar topics but i'll tell you exactly what im looking for on my visit.

I'm from Toronto

I will be staying in Long Island
and also a day in New Jersey.
I will spend a day around like timesquare and all too.
but i am willing to go wherever there the deals are at.

I am looking for

Cheap L.r.g clothing(jackets and hoodys mainly)

Cheap Nike Dunks(whatever colorways...we dont see to many in my area yet anyways)

then im looking for the Nike Zoom BB

For fiitted's i'd go to the new era flagship store? or is there anywhere cheaper.

And then hope to shop the rest at a store like H & M...which ive only seen one before in my life, so..i was just wondering if they all carry the same products at the same prices or is one location preferred??

I appreciate any help, i try to be more specific then, " YO COMING TO N Y WHERE THE ILL PLACES TO COP MAD GEAR AT"

sorry one more question... New Jersey has no tax? so does that mean i'm just better off buying the Zoom BB's n forces there(if they carry those...could a retrohead confirm that???)

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dude for all the things you stated i would definitely hit up got michael ks and active warehouse (which are basically the same store) you'll get uptowns, LRG clothing and some dunks (not SBs)...there is also a footlocker a block away, not too small IMO, and there are 2 HMs and that japanese store thats like HM within a block radius...clientele is a block away, more uptowns and dunks (even SBs) and then u got NORT and the new era store as well as transit (like mike k and active) and a david z a couple blocks away in NOHO...i guess the new era store is cool but check out foot locker, active sometimes they have sale caps, even though i go to 125th in harlem or jamaica (not too far from the island depending where u are on LI) for all my fitteds, like i have so sales tax on apparel and footwear and some accessories (ie socks, hats, belts) individually priced <$110...most of the forementioned spots are on broadway between prince and mercer, some further north a couple blocks and nort and clientele are on lafayette...hope that helps
hey man that helps alot, thats all i need to know. thanks man!
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haha wait...wheres soho...i did a wiki

Manhatten? so are all these stores just street side, or are they in a mall or one building.

if i just get on that street "south of Houston Street"

"It is bounded roughly by Houston Street on the north, Lafayette Street on the east, Canal Street on the south, and Varick Street on the west."

Everything is within there?

thanks for your help again
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