Visiting OC in a Couple Weeks What to Do?

Feb 9, 2006
Whats up everyone, I am going to be down in Orange County for around 4 days, I was wondering what/were are the shoe spots? Fun places to go and chill.

On Saturday I will be at the Dunkxchange 2 year anniversary, anyone else going? - Specializing to your Sneaker Needs. Forum
beatnic fullerton
blends costa mesa
irvine spectrum
south coast plaza
fashion island
laguna beach (best beach in the state imo)

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not much.

one spot kevinwiz left out is the block.

If you want to get your drink on for a cheap price, hit up Dave & Busters for their Happy Hour on Thursdays. 10PM - close. 1/2 off mixed drinks I believe. Beware though, I been goin to D&B Happy Hour for the last 4-5 years but its been less and less frequent as of late. The place is overrun with Asian gangsters and hypebeasts.
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HAHAHAHA for all those who think that Gracie is gonna win, care to do a Sig bet (i know its lame, but i guess we cant really bet in person) Loser must keep a SIG made by the winner for a month. Anyone game?
NTer tinkerhatfield: aite im game...but youre like 4 sizes too small for me....i have some sz 12 retro ix's i'll definitely put up tho..

also at the block koji's shabu shabu is 1/2 off. only good from 3pm-6pm mon-fri
i think spent like only $25 for me and lady the other day when we strolled in - not bad at all.

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I'm gonna be visiting LA in a couple of weeks....what are good spots for shopping near downtown and hollywood?
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Where's the Asian places with a lot of beer and fine ladies

little saigon...bolsa area.
go to anyplace that says cafe on it i guess...

and i honestly dont find the block to entertaining....hit up huntington beach for some outdoor shopping....its a nice place to go to at night.
and hit up newport...its beautiful
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