Visting TX from VA need some shoe spots to visit

Apr 5, 2006
I will be down in 2 weeks for 4 days for a boot graduation at Lackland AFB It real close to san antonio..... Anyone got any good spots or good malls to visit while I'm down??? thanx in advance.
Lackland is in San Antonio so you are in luck (sort of). If you like sb's Goodtimes Skate Shop is the place to go. The people there are cool,prices are right and depending on what day you get into town something may be releasing. Other than that you have your run of the mill retail chains located in the malls here. Take the trip up to Austin(about an hour away) and you will be pleasantly surprised with the great assortment of kicks and clothing that only Motive807 can offer. It's definately a Texas gem and you will not leave empty handed.
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