VNDS GRAPES AND DS FLINT 13s !!! 450 ?!?!?

Nov 1, 2007
My friend is selling me VNDS grapes that are worn twice just to church and one to his girls house so probably less than 200 feet of walking haha and some DS flint 13s ....
for $450
is that a good price or what ? need an answer quick !!!

225 each shoe ..
Horrible price if theyre both retroes, AMAZING PRICE IF THEYRE OG'S, HOP ON THAT!
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DS Grapes = $225, and his are VNDS :smh:

DS Flints = $180-$200 (at best), $225 is too much :x
flints 150
VNDS grapes-guess that depends on your definition of vnds.but ds around $220
your friend is taking you to the bank
For Sale/Trade
DS Jordunk VIII size 13 $75

DMP XI size 12 new or used
Black Cement III size 12-12.5 new or used
he keeps tellin me to look on iss forum and they cahrge HELLA lol
soo .. should i buy it or not ?
ISS varies just like any buy/sell forum... no your being ripped. I just bought worn 2x grapes for 150...

I'd say vnds worn 2x (my pair) is worth 200 shipped
DS Flints - 150 tops

350 would be the more realistic price.
to the post starter, i cant believe you still havent specified if theyre OG's or retroes :smh:
DS Flints - 150 tops

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Fenix, check ebay man.

Is ebay a bad basis to use when doing PCs? I mean I think its pretty accurate seeing as how a population so big creates common prices. I think it goes farther personal value to actual value. I wouldnt pay more than 150 for flints... I commonly see them go for 125ish. I dont know someone back me up here.

Its like the mocha 3 PC we did a little bit ago... people PC them at 225 and up... but I see sooo many pairs go for like under 100. I think we give personal value too much credit.
^^^ I agree, $350 would be a lot closer than $450...

Grapes could be worth around $190 if they're still completely icey and come with OG everything (in a popular size as well).

Flint XIII's are around the same, $175-190 DS from what I've seen.

I wouldn't pay over $365 for both.
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125 for some DS Flint XIIIs????? you're either seeing people buy fakes or you're witnessing some steals. 150 is a mild steal...180/200 is what you should expect.
I'm talking about retro flints, and yes 125 is common although I like how you make your statement as if you are right or something. 150 is fair, 125 is a deal, ~100 is a mild steal.
I found this in 30 seconds along with other vvvnds pairs for under 100.

Why DO you guys think flints are so expensive? Are you pcing for OG flints? PC Retro Flints> 120-150 varying up or down depending on shipping price, but i'd say 150 shipped would be quite easy to find.
ah, but you see that auction's for a size 13 which isn't a popular size.....but I will say it is possible for them to go for cheap as is the case for any shoe. It all depends on who's watching, when and how the listing was made, seller's feeback, the number of tagged pics, the size....and whatever other variables when you're selling on ebay. On the other hand, if you were to sell a DS pair for 150 in a popular size on say here or ISS those would be gobbled up with a quickness. I easily sold a DS pair for 185 recently and a NDS for 140 not too long ago.
to me ISS seems over priced ...
my friend is like
is that true ? lol
ya, that's true.....on a site where there is a much smaller chance of buying fakes (ie here or ISS) you will find that shoes go for a little more than on ebay because of the numerous variables I stated already and the fact that many people are turned off by all of the fakes. with that said, that's not a bad price for both pairs in popular sizes....a little high but not too bad.
final price...180/200 on flints in a popular size
180/210 on Grapes in a popular size
Flints shouldn't even be worth that much
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