VOTE to determine who receives our 7th loan! HURRY, polls close THIS Monday, 6/1!

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Dec 8, 1999
As some of you may already know, last year NikeTalk allocated $6,820 to, a non-profit organization that helps facilitate loans toentrepreneurs in developing nations.

We've issued six loans thus far and you can check their repayment progress on our Kiva lender page:

We've recently received repayment installments from each of our outstanding loans. As a result, we now have over $2,300 in our community's Kiva.orgaccount ready to be loaned to a new group of entrepreneurs.

In the past, we've selected loan recipients through a two step process: first, we invite our fellow members to browse and nominate their favoriteentrepreneurs, then we vote as a community and complete the loan receiving the most votes.

Due to sharp increases in traffic and lender activity, we've been unable to issue loans using this method. Thanks to thousands of registered Kiva users,loans are being filled faster than ever before. As a result, we've been forced to expedite the process. Below, you'll find a series of five loans tochoose from.

Simply visit the loan profile page for each one, vote for your favorite, and after the polls have closed we'll complete the top vote getters' loans,issuing up to $2,300 total.

If you'd like to support the loans that did not receive the most votes - or any of the loans facilitated by Kiva - please consider registering. You caneven join NikeTalk's lendingteam and have your loans counted towards our community totals on Kiva's leaderboards. Help us pass Nepal and Lending Librarians!

Here's our list of nominees:

Jane Kyakuwa's Group
Rodrigo Ibarra Martínez
Gloria Gauto
Rustam Buriev
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btw, think you forgot to sticky it
Too many people ignore pinned topics. Sometimes we start posts in the forum as is to get the ball rolling.

ahh. ignore my PM. sorry
Voted. What happens if the person who wins doesnt need the whole amount? Do we just put the rest of it towards the person who finished 2nd?
Voted. What happens if the person who wins doesnt need the whole amount? Do we just put the rest of it towards the person who finished 2nd?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If there's still money left over after that, we could consider holding another vote next week for a newgroup of nominees.

It's difficult to predict, since some loans are filled VERY quickly by the Kiva community while others tend to linger. In the past, some of our nomineeshave managed to gain funding for the entire loan amount before our polls have even closed. So, we'll have to play it by ear and do the best we can.

While we want to honor the wishes of our community members, the larger goals in mind here are to help people build better lives for themselves and their lovedones and, also, to encourage our fellow members to take an interest in the Kiva network.

When you browse through all of the different lending teams on Kiva, ranging from colleges and local community groups to websites, there's no reason why weat NikeTalk can't band together and leverage our good fortune and considerable resources to perform genuine good.

The community loans, issued under NikeTalk's kiva account, are really only the beginning. It's the NikeTalk lending team that offers the greatestpotential impact.
i don't get why people are voting for Jane. she already has reached her loan target..

i'm thinking along the basis of who seems to need the loan the most so therefore voted for Rustam, as he needs the most to reach his goal.
I understand that nt is a culturally diverse website, but the past few times i have looked at where the donated money has gone has either been to an animalorganization or an organization from a third world country.

Why is this money not being donated to people who need it in the usa. Why would i vote for some one in Mexico who needs money to buy car parts to run hisbusiness. There are millions of people in the us that cant even afford to live in there homes because of the way the economy is. There are millions of peoplewho want to start a business in the us and dont have the money for it. Why not give money to one of them. This is what would help us get out of the situationwe are in now. Why give it to some one half way across the world who most likely will never repay it.
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