Wale LIVE at 930 Club // Weds June 3rd // PURCHASE TICKETS NOW!!!

Joined Oct 9, 2006
Seems like thats gonna be a major concert week for me.

Wale Concert on Wed

Capital Jazz Fest Fri-Sun
- Raheem DeVaughn, Leela James, EnVogue, Roy Ayers, George Duke, Fourplay, Angie Stone, and Peices of a Dream the same weekend my girl comes into town... Bestweek ever (no VH1)
Joined Jul 10, 2006
has anyone bought any mixtapes he was selling at his shows? i bought 100 miles and running and the mixtape about nothing at the Baltimore show and when i wentto import them in my itunes, not all the tracks on both cds showed up on the import list. I had the same problem with till the casket drops mixtape, only 10out of the 12 tracks would come up on my computer for listening. anybody else have had this problem with the wale and clipse mixtape?
Joined Apr 22, 2006
Originally Posted by LiquidCREAM

9:30 club stuff is 18+ right :/ do they check id's throughly
I'm pretty sure it is not 18 and over because I remember going in HS.

I could be wrong though
Joined Nov 22, 2004
nope, its 21 or older to drink there, obviously, but anyone can get in. They just rape your hands with stamps to show your not at proper age to drink.

but i will be there wednesday.
Joined Sep 26, 2006
a brother tried to get on the card to open...

guess my sh*t aint up to par

who knows

mite still be in the building
Joined Jan 31, 2007
Originally Posted by SoleFood06

a brother tried to get on the card to open...

guess my sh*t aint up to par

who knows

mite still be in the building
Bum rush the stage and bust a freestyle yo
Joined Jul 4, 2006
This concert will be dope.

Richmond show was cool.
I missed NY show, but I heard great things.
Bmore show was cool.

DC show. Curtains.
Joined Apr 4, 2000
yes yes yes!!! dc chillin. pg chillin. the show was dope. who needs penicillin!
Joined Jan 24, 2005
it was cool...not my favorite wale performance tho...the band made it sound like a gogo and not a performance...IMOMC+DJ>>>>>>>>>MC+Band...shouts 2 the NT fam i saw out there tho...
Joined Jul 10, 2006
I thought it was a pretty dissapointing show. I went to the Baltimore show and i swear it seemed alot longer than this show. I also was dissapointed at thefact that there were no big surprises like wale said was going to happen, he was talking about having "important" people from the industry(other thanyoung chris) but same show and shorter from baltimore.
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