Warren Sapp on the DP Show... Vol. Talks NFL, MLB, & NBA

Oct 9, 2004
Future Hall of Famer Warren Sapp joined the show to discuss a variety of topics.

-- Sapp said that Vince Young's issues are "self-inflicted." Sapp said that Young has no right to make noise about moving on if the Titans don't use him.

"Vince was reading his own press clippings," Sapp said.

Sapp said Young thought he had it figured out, and he clearly didn't.

-- Sapp commented Anquan Boldin firing agent Drew Rosenhaus -- who represented Sapp. Sapp said Boldin has to "shut up and go to work." Sapp thinks that Rosenhaus did exactly what Boldin asked for, and then Boldin was dissatisfied.

-- Sapp also had a random comment on baseball: "Baseball needs to promote something, because it's like watching paint right now. Basketball and football are so much more exciting."

Sapp also said that LeBron James wouldn't have a chance in the NFL. Sapp, a huge Orlando Magic fan, said a defender would hit him once and James would run away.

Sapp did like Dan's idea of putting Kobe at cornerback.

Paint drying?

Sapp keeps it real on NBA players playing in the NFL...

"Lebron James being a TE, we'll break him in half..."

"Ain't none of 'em gonna do nothing... Come on, keep shooting the ball fellas"


you can listen to the segment on here... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/danpatrick/ ... Funny interview if you got time to kill...

Warren killed the Raiders

Al Davis to player after Losing a Fight to a COACH : " well cant win em all "
Baseball needs to do a better job promoting the game in the inner city. Yes, you have RBI, but that's not enough.
Sapp does a great job as an analyst, but I bet her would be a great in game commentator.

He knows the game, knows his stuff, and clearly has the personality. Hope he goes that route.
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