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Sep 1, 2002
***[EDIT BY CEDDIE]: Washington, D.C. was on my list anyway, so I'll just edit this post to make it "official". So, let's see what the capital has to offer.

It goes as usual. Please include: City, name of the store, address, specialty of the store.

If possible: Telephone number, directions to the store.[/EDIT BY CEDDIE]***


I am going on a trip in 2 weeks to see the Eagles beat the ********... But in between the demolishing of Trotter I need some places to go... Any suggestions or directions? I am staying at a hotel that's supposed to be right by the field, or as close as it gets. thanks in advance
If you are near the FedEx field, go to PG Plaza, there are lot of stores there, but none of them carry anything that you couldn't find in Philly.
i kno every shoe place is the FAIRFAX area, mainly bcuz i live there. Footlocker on route 123 in viennia, fair oaks mall has champs and footlocker, tysons corner mall has champs, footlocker, ATHELTES FOOT (thx for correcting that) and footaction, (its a kick *** mall) thats all i can remember for now, but i dunno bout any stores IN dc. btw all these stores are roughly 15-25 minutes outside of dc.
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sports zone in NW DC (Georgetown) is where I work and has the best stuff in DC, and the best deals

am 95 lux for 150
trainer sc lux for 100
grey penny iv for 75
turbines for 69

probably the most mom&pop'ish store in dc

also madddd jordan gear and nike gear
where are the mom n pop stores? and im not talking about shoe city, downtown locker room, or sports zone.
Shoe spots in VA near DC:

1. Springfield Mall. They've got a Sports Zone, Footlocker, Finishline, Footaction USA, Athlete's Foot, Sport's Authority. It's a good place.

2. Tysons isn't that great. Champs, Footlocker, Athlete's Foot, and Footaction. Footaction is a little more expensive, Athlete's Foot sucks, Footlocker sucks, and Champs is good.

3. A little farther is Potomac MIlls Mall. Exit 160 on 1-95, 20 minutes from Springfiled Mall. They have a sports zone not in the mall but near Circuit City. the mall has Footlocker, Athlete's Foot, Nordstrom rack which has t-macs in silver for 39.99 in 12, and some crap stores.

4. Even farther is Spotsy Mall. Sports ZOne is near a grocery store called Shoppers. The malls got an Footlocker with white foams and huaraches, and a champs, finishline, and "shoe dept" which gots gray timbs for 60. That's it.

5. Fair Oaks mall is ok, not great, but ok. I forgot the stores.

If you want more info, hit me up at pockitrockit135@yahoo.com.

BTW, there is a modells in the arena where the wizards play. Haevn't been there.

Good luck.
fair oaks has a footlocker and a champs, nuthin good in either, but when they get anything good its sold out pretty quik
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LAUREL MALL: they got a sports zone which releases all there jordans early, footlocker is small but okay, footaction is alright, champs is kinda good, finishline has a huge inventory, they also got like this store which sell other knids of shoes .

Oh they also got a head2head there manager told there gonna have huge supply of 2003 authentic fooball jerseys by the end of the month.
all i want to do is breed my rotties and collect shoes
Ay yo, I'm from VA, and I'm tellin y'all, SPRINGFIELD MALL IS THE ISH! They got almost every shoe store possible, plus they are all real friendly, some guy hooked me up with the XVII's b4 they came out by a week, now that's tight. I was just neckbreakin at school. Then there is Fair Oaks Mall, got some tight stores...if you really want a hookup go to the Sports Zone in Woodbridge(represent! :smile: They got the best deals...I saw Turbines goin for 68.99,

You never really know when El Nino is about to strike...
Laurel Mall (laurel, Maryland)
-Sports Zone
and a fair clothing store selection.

P.g. Plaza (hyattsville, Maryland)
-Sports Zone
-World Footlocker ( has a kids and womens too)
-Athlete's Foot
-Downtown Lockeroom
-Shoe City

Out of the two P.G. Plaza is better. Its a better quality
mall and its almost impossible to miss a shoe release date if you go there. The mom and pop stores like Downtown Lockeroom and Up against the wall will hold it down when it comes to clothing.
has alot of things too.
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FinishLine in Landmark Mall on Duke st. off 395, has two color dunks- Lt/stone-mesa and oxide-obsidian.
Downtown lockeroom on H street past Union station is OK. There is also a small store on M street in Georgetown that has old iversons and a few jerseys and hats. For the record Tysons Corner Mall is not a good spot for sneakers, The stores their have what everyone else has. Springfield Mall is cool.(sportszone and footaction)
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I live in MD really close to D.C. and this is what I got.

Montgomery Mall:
Finish Line
Really bad Footlocker
The Sports Zone

Lakeforest Mall:
Finish Line (Soon)

Champs (I think)

There used to be a place called P.A. Palace I don't know where that is but they used to have a rack of limited shoes.
Landmark Mall is slept on like crazy. the footlocker there had the white foams a couple days even before, the champs is where i got my blue foams and nobody knew they were there, and the finishline has new dunks almost every 2 weeks, and they had the 20th anniversary air forces and the white/silver jordan retro 1's.
yea there's a footlocker, footaction, champs and athletes foot in wheaton.........

But lets go back to Sports Zone having lightnings! I never saw them! Are they still there? And i was just in that mall saturday......
Let me start by saying thanx for the patience while I got this together. Here goes....

First off most of these places are NOT listed in the phone book. These are all get low spots that are run by fellow sneaker fiends such as ourselves.

Athletes World
Rhode Island Ave Shopping Center(NE)
Recent arrivals: AF1 Acorns(sz.8-12) approx 4 pair per size. Cool Grey patent leather dunks(full sz. run w/approx 3 pair per size). 2002 Korea AF1(silver swoosh)...I'm not sure of the size run on these.

SE Sportz
Alabama Ave Se
Recent Arrivals: AJ 5 retro blk/silver(sz. 8, 8.5, 9,10, 11.5, 12, 13)2 pair per size all DS. Air Trainer III Retro wht/caro/grey/blue(sz. 8-12) approx 2 per size. Air City Tour Max NY Edition Size 11 and 12. ONE pair per size.

Mass Ave NW
Notable Stock: Gold/Mocha Air Max 95 z(sz. 10, 11, 12) one pair per size. Air Bakin(blk/blue AND blk/red) a few kids sizes and a few sz. 9, 11, 13, and a pair of 15.

Lemondrops **Not in DC but DEFINITLY worth a mention**
Wisc. Ave BETHESDA(right around the corner from star bucks)
This place is AJ HEAVEN. They have 1-17 with a LOT of colors. These cats are on point with theirs so you're not gonna get em for dirt cheap...they can be talked down...but don't expect a "steal". Everything is DS and they replace their stock regularly. Due to location you can almost always find what you're looking for.

31st georgetown...upstairs from inkslingers tattoo parlor.
Pre-release/sample heaven.
Recent Arrivals: AJ 17 Crocs, AJ 12's(sz 9 samples....hmmmmm :wink:
), also one of the only places in DC to get Air Rifts from in mad colors.

The list is far from done but considering I'm at work I'll be updating throughout the day.

Any questions I can be reached via e-mail and MSN IM @ bootness73@hotmail.com Happy Shopping :smile:

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The best thing about the stores you mentioned...credibility! You won't see ANY FAKES in these spots (well, I have yet to see any).

We should hit these up during the 2nd D.C. Summit in November!

I would be mad at you if I was still spending madd cheese on kicks :smile:
. You revealed a couple of my hot spots :smile:

Question: Wasn't SE Sportz wanting like 200+ for the Vs?

I saw blue foams for sale at a champs in fair oaks mall. They also had some 20th anniversary af1s. Potomac Mills has some pretty bad footlocker and champs stores. The back racks were empty and few good shoes were at a decent price.
Athlete's World is located on:

632 Rhode Island Ave N.E.
Washington D.C. 20002

Phone is 202-635-7325

I went there today and the guys who were workin were pricks. There weren't Acorns or any dunks. The place wasn't that bad, but nothing special. The best thing I saw were the obsidian/grey AF2's, 1 pair of wht/orange XI's, 1 pair or kids XIV's, and a few other general release AF1's. Of what I saw today...the store sucks. The two guys who were workin there had no clue about shoes and it took them ten minutes before they could find a pair of shoes for my friend to try on. I wouldn't waste my time there unless they really do have something nice. Sportszone is still the best place I've seen around here.
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