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My family and I booked a week vacation a while ago hoping to catch the cherry blossom from April 6th-13th. How's DC right now? I know all of the Smithsonian Museums are closed but from the Washington DC covid page, there seems a decent amount of places opened at partial capacity . But is it still worth going right now? Or should we reschedule?
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In door dining is open.

I was in georgetown 2 weeks ago and the streets were pretty busy.

You should be aight but always double check with rule and what's open.


I would also try to get reservations for every restaurant you really want to go to as well
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if it were me, id would do like 3-4 days...unless you have some side treks planned, one week will crawl by with little to do (admittedly i havent been paying much attention to DC since I left last fall so not sure what is open)

i think restaurants can serve alcohols til midnight

for some DC happenings: https://www.reddit.com/r/washingtondc/
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Thanks for the responses. Definitely going to check it out. It's not our first time so the musuems aren't a big deal.
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The city is pretty open right now. Indoor restaurants are supposed to be a 25% capacity but the spots near my apartment have been pretty full.

Best to check out the mall and monuments during the week. If you plan on renting a car, I’d recommend checking out some of the historical areas outside of the city such as Fort Washington Park, Mount Vernon or even Monticello if you don’t mind the drive.


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DC ain’t poppin right now
This. I’ve been working out of our DC office quite a bit during the first quarter and I have spent a few weekends there. DC ain’t it right now. Cherry Blossom season is :smokin , though.
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It's not the old DC but DC is do able. Not sure how family friendly it is currently.

The wharf had good amount out this past weekend. People are ready for the warm weather.
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