Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals both linked to alleged roid dealers...uh oh...

Mar 13, 2004
Stay tuned on this one....

The Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals were specifically named by a man Tuesday night after he was arrested for being an alleged steroids dealer, although police said they could not yet substantiate his claims.

Richard Thomas and his wife, Sandra, were arrested Tuesday night by the Polk County Sheriff's Office and that officials seized steroids valued at about $200,000, according to WFLA.com. Investigators said Thomas told them he was the biggest steroid provider in Central Florida and that he sold mainly to pro athletes, including the Caps and Nats.

"We asked him, because we knew that would create a firestorm, on two more occasions because we don't want to be quoted as saying that," Judd said. "Richard Thomas told us that he sold steroids to ball players on those teams. Now is that one ball player? Two ball players? We don't know."

While Thomas named the two Washington franchises, he would not name anyone by name.

"I can tell you this," Sheriff Grady Judd told WFLA.com, "there will be a whole lot of people puckered up after the morning news."


While I'm not surprised about folks in baseball being named, this type of stuff hardly happens in the NHL. I am not at all saying this isn't true, butwith today's athletes always wanting to get either bigger/stronger/faster, or recover from injuries quicker, you just never know what they are doing ontheir own time.....

*Whatever he was selling the Nats clearly wasn't working...jk
Originally Posted by NoneOfYours25

That prolly means Ovechkin is involved :-(
I hope not....he did come into the league after the NHL roid policy/testing was put into place....

and for what it's worth, it didn't mention if it was a current player on the Caps....but if it's Ovechkin
I just REALLY...REALLY hope it'snot...

*for the sake of discussion...we always applaud the way these NHL dudes fight through injuries in the playoffs and grind it through every game. Out of the 4major sports, it is the most physically demanding due to playing around 100+ games over the course of the preseason, regular season, and playoffs....some ofthese PED's help w. recovery from injuries etc....makes you wonder
wow. i dont think itd be ovechkin. if it's a current caps player, my bet is on mike green

but yeah doublejs...good point, might be a former player.
I bet it's for injury recovery more than anything because from what I understand in terms of on ice it hinders more than helps.

Jerome Iginlaa was jacked for a couple seasons than lost a lot of weight because he said it slowed him down.
Originally Posted by DeadsetAce

wow. i dont think itd be ovechkin. if it's a current caps player, my bet is on mike green
lol Yeah, I can totally see it being Green too!

That said, if there's a roids outbreak in the NHL, omg.. All these old school pundits are gonna just self-combust!
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