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im not you

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 watch the end of regulation in GMU/UCONN when Hilton Armstrong fouls Jai Lewis with time running down. Dude spazzed. He went after the ref and Jeff Adrien pulled him back and he turned around on Adrien like he was about to hit his %!% wit a Diamond Cutter.
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Please, everyone post the games you are watching so everyone can see them as well.

2004 Georgia Tech has a few battles on there. You already know
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Originally Posted by DCAllAmerican

^ THe Nova/Illinois barnburner is on there though

I'm watching that one now

I remember feeling sick when Zona was kicking *!*... then
when Deron went HAM!
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Good find...I can't imagine how many hours I'm going to waste the next few weeks watching these games.
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Originally Posted by shabooyah1124

What about Duke/LSU in '06 Dre? 

I'm not going to watch any Duke games... its too close to tourney time and that'll just sour my already bleek outlook

edit: I remember thinking Mustafa was going to be THE TRUTH when he got to zona
  and why the %**# did Salim always look like he was homeless??? Life foolie came right off the sleeping on a park bench to the gym... EVERY GAME?!?!?! THE HELL WAS UP WITH DUDE???? GUNNA???? (o_O)
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A&M vs. Memphis in '07

Acie Law with a very, very rare missed clutch shot (a layup at that) late in the game to help seal it for Memphis
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major props

 gotta watch 04 OKSt vs st joes

my son lucas put a dagger in em.

and Dwill  and the ilini comebac against the wildcats
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