Water filter for Main line?

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I recently noticed a green ring and film around my drains and faucets. Also, I swear my skin is drier after showering than before I get in. I talked to one of my construction buddies and he suggested I get a 3-stage water filtration system on my main line. However, when I checked online, there are so many brands and price ranges. Anyone on NT have one and if so, which do you recommend? I don't want to spend more than resell on a pair of cement 4's. Any help is much appreciated!


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Get a permanent under the sink filter for whatever tap you drink out of or are using to cook with. As for your other taps, unless you want to install filters on those you're kinda stuck unless you want to invest in what jjs07 jjs07 posted. Shower, and bathtubs, the same. Maybe get a tester to see what is up with your water and call your water company if you don't like the results.
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I was thinking about getting one of these 2. I don't know if I should get the carbon/sediment one or the iron/manganese?
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on top of getting a 3-stage filtration system, make sure your domestic water tanks are cleaned thoroughly to take out excessive calcium/mineral buildup. Make sure water is running after repairs/cleaning minimum 15-20 minutes.
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