wearing de las' in Houston

Jul 18, 2004
i was just wondering if anyone actually wear theirs , cuz when i wear mine, everyone acts like it's the craziest ***** they've ever seen or they think they're fake(there are a million J,s in houston).

just asking :D
Yeah, I turn lotsssssss of heads

You talking about the Hi's right?

I haven't worn the lo's yet if you not talking about the hi's
If money didn't change you, YOU'RE NOT MAKING ENOUGH!!!
Usually when I see someone rockin' them, i give them the "shoe nod". Damn I missed out on those.
You cant wear some dela high's and not know about kicks.
Speaking of people thinking your shoes are fake, I wore my T-19 to the barbershop and some fool said something like " those neva came out". I had to stop him before could finish to school his a** about my dunks.
But it's not his fault, some people just don't know.

yeah, i was talking about the His' , they are the better version imo.

i have bought plenty of shoes since, but i still break those out the most :pimp:
man, every time i go to the barbershop i see a pair of fakes.

my brother and i have this specific alert called the fake alert. we look at each other when we see fake shoes
^^^^yeah, me and my homie do the same thing :D

it's worst when the guy with the fakes look at your shoes like their fake.

i go to the art institute, and last night i was there with the ronaldihno af1s and he had on white invisibles but he's looking me like i'm the one fronting. :\
^hey my roommate goes to the art institute... you might have seen him around... white dude usually with nice kicks...
what kind of shoes, cuz most the dudes there are white.

what is he going for?

if he has nice sneakers and i see it, i'll remember.

so i guess that means i haven't seen him, cuz so far i'm the only one doing any kinda sneaker damage there.
black laser ivs
gold zip am95
grey/yellow bapes

those are what i can remember him wearing most of the time... looks like a skater... usually wears a fitted... i think he's goin there for graphic design or somethin
i never see them, i never see my sb grails down here either(rayguns).i go to the galleria,willowbrook,greenspoint,memorial, etc and never see anybody rockin good sb's. lol
I never really see any1 in heat around the H just alot of fakes. The most heat I seen in Houston was at the XX1 party during All Star Weekend
most of em think they re fakes when i wear em.. dats why most of the time i wear the shirt that goes withj
I don't own De La's, but HUFs get a lot of attention.

And as far as the fakes, there's nothing worse than a dude in some green invisibles asking me if I got my kicks from the dude on such and such corner.
I go to tsu and alot of people wear fake kicks there. I wore my kiwi forces and my pixie stix and all the dudes with the fake clear forces were looking at my kicks like they were fake.
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