wedding reception gone wrong VOL.LULZ


May 24, 2006
lol i gotta share this with yall

aight i was at my friends wedding reception (mad girls there) at this holiday inn. everyone was having a good time i managed to pull of the chics that was atthe reception,we get a room $%@*, we watched the nuggets and lakers game i fall asleep, and THEN WAM!!! ABOUT 12:30 right outside my door THE WHOLE FAMILY ISSTOMPING HOMEBOY OUT LOL!!!! supposedly he was beating on his girlfriend in front of the family and somebody saw him lol (bad move)so here me and homegirl ispeeping out the window watching homeboy getting curb stomped by the whole omg man if i had my nokia n95 i would of recorded it (no ducktales) so dude gotstomped for about 3 mins by the whole fam he manages to get up (which i though oh shid this dude bout to get the heat) but it didnt go down like that somebodycalled the cops and everybody scattered and left lol. (

i just wanted to share that with you lol awesome night tonight
Originally Posted by Twig1026

So the groom hit a girl and got jumped?

naa not the groom it was just a couple that was attending they was related to the family so kind of way i dont even know how it happen like i said i was in aroom and at about 12:30 i hearing somebody yelling me and homegirl wake up lol and everybody was right outside my door curb stomping dude
very interesting.

sounds plausible except for the reception was in a holiday inn??

@ getting jumped into the family. Ah man nothing like quality time withyour family just beating someones @*$
. The good stuff
I believe it based solely on the fact that the reception was at the holiday inn. Hood weddings FTW
but real talk dude made home girl cry im glad they beat his !%@ you should never put your hand on a female unless they slide you a quick aka charles hamiltonstyle jk lol

some of the funniest stuff i ever seen in my life.
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