Weeeeeeee, Weeeeeeee, Weeeeee

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Son was askin for it though.

dude was literally rofl after though.

Edit: Just saw the broken desk.

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This brings me back to High School when kids would lean their chairs back and you would just be hoping they fall so you could laugh at them.

And the Weeeeeeeee before the fall was great because it stopped real fast cuz he knew he was in trouble and then just looked back at the ground and shifted all his weight to the back of the chair, which is the worst thing you can do. And his boys laugh/Roll on the floor made the video that much better cuz you could tell it wasnt staged or nothing. Dude was just actin a fool with the Weeeeee's and caught rag.
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It actually did look staged....why would you lean back that many times(probably knowing a fall is coming), and why didn't anybody say "yo, what the hell is wrong with you Mike"

that wave

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Originally Posted by Rhino So

good way to go viral and get people to see their other videos
and I usually laugh at these kind of things...not so much this time
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