Week 20 Appreciation: Air Jordan XX Collections...etc

Dec 14, 1999
The Air Jordan XX is a celebration shoe. A celebration of MJ's 20 years of excellence, a passing of the torch to a younger generation, but most of all, a celebration of MJ's career on and off the court. A very odd looking shoe at first, but despite it's awkward design with the floating ankle strap, the shoe performed, and it performed WELL!




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Will add pic later. I got the white/reds. w00t! I am first for once.

Edit: It's later.
Got a couple pair of the low' s, but too lazy to take a pic. |I

XX's are :pimp:
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Gosh, how I hated these when they came out. Now I gotta say, Tinker did a GREAT job with the design on these. Challenging, but great.

They perform well on the court, too.

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Sorry for the delay had a lot of things going on new baby and house improvements, but all my NT peeps understand.
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Wish they still looked this good,balled the hell out of them. But they have the best cushioning of any shoe ive had. not the best overall performers,just cushioning. amazing
i got some pics later but these are hard!!
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The Stealths are one of the best Jordans ever IMO. just the sleekness and details on the shoe...very well made, but then when you look at the all blk colourway of the 21s and you see how far ahead Tinker is as a designer. 21s have nothing on the 20s.
Had all three non-regional mid colorways...but sold the stealths and QS....LOVE the first colorway...but shoulda got a 13 instead of a sz 14...

the XX was a BIG surprise to me in terms of performance. I can honestly say that it is one of the best shoes I've EVER played ball in. Just wish the traction was better on dirty courts. Other that that GREAT shoe!!
I'm one of the few who LOVE the XX lows, I think. I wish they would've released more colors of it. Maybe a white/red colorway. I also love the red regional XXs. I missed out but I'm still looking for a pair of both of them in a 13.
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