WEEK 3: Air Jordan III Appreciation!


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Back to Back Dunk Champ.Defensive Player of the Year.1st Team All NBA.1st Team All Defensive Team.MVP.The Jumpman, the Elephant Print....All rolled into one of the most cherished Air Jordans ever. If the II was underrated, the III made up for it and then some.

We continue with Week 3 of our Air Jordan appreciation....Y'all know the drill. Post your collections of III's, t-shirts, how you rock 'em, stock 'em, and floss 'em! Let's see those III's!

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you can check out the rest of my 1-21 collection here

MY I-XXI Air Jordan Collection
Like i said before, if they retroed the shoe the same exact way it's all good in my book, i dont care i rather them retro them the same way this way todays generation can get an idea of what it is to own an exact replica of an og. What counts is the date inside the shoe. Also, i dont collect for "value" to hell with value. If this is the reason that those who have og's dont want exact replicas because of og value decrease, then your into this sneaker culture for money and for obvious wrong reasons. To hell with value.OGs will always hold their value.-BIGBEN1986
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here is some of my 3's. nothing special.

, MANDINGO OF SNEAKERS, crmsnghst77, deionandmelo, RUDOLPH1996, sobe it1,BeatttNikes, FLINTGREY​
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ahh.... AJ III's one of my grails :D
one day i'll cop some true blues....
[hr][/hr]my money goes to nike .... if that matters
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I've been doin' this since CHiPs was out

Takes more than combat gear to make a man
Takes more than a license for a gun
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :lol:

"lets put it this way...i am so out of your league....if your league were to explode i would not hear that explosion for another three days"
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here is my contribution, recycled pic.

Been wearing Jordans since Jordan wore Converse at North Carolina !!!!!!

I'm that Punjabi guy, if that matters. This is a shout out to all the people who say: Quote "I have never seen an Indian dude rockin J's. All they do is sell them at high prices before release dates. I just proved you wrong.
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