Wembley Stadium in running to stage Super Bowl?

Jun 13, 2006
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[h1]Wembley Stadium in running to stage American football's Super Bowl[/h1]
• NFL showpiece could be bound for Wembley
• 'We are looking at 2014, 2015 or 2017'


New Orleans Saints met the San Diego Chargers at Wembley Stadium last December. Photograph: Tom Jenkins

London has launched an ambitious bid to stage the Super Bowl within the next eight years, according to reports.

The National Football League (NFL) has already staged two regular-season games at Wembley Stadium, with a third scheduled for this October, and now plans are afoot for London to land American football's most important event, the showpiece final.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, representatives from the Mayor of London's office and Visit London, the city's official visitor organisation, have received assurances from the NFL of a commitment to stage the event at Wembley.

"We are looking at 2014, 2015 or 2017," said David Hornby, the commercial director for Visit London.

The newspaper added that the event could be worth £350m ($521.1m) to the economy, although an unnamed NFL spokesman is also quoted as saying: "The suggestions about London are only theoretical. There is no bid document."

But the commercial director of Wembley Stadium, Jonathan Gregory, insists everything is being done to bring the Super Bowl to the capital: "We will do everything we can to work with the NFL and help bring this amazing event to London," he said.


What do you guys think? I live in England and really don't think it's a great idea... I mean, it would be great for London, but no one here knowsanything about (American) football! I just don't see any sense in removing North America's biggest sporting event from North America
nobody likes football outside of the US so stop trying to spread it. they really dont get it do they?
Originally Posted by bangtcg

nobody likes football outside of the US so stop trying to spread it. they really dont get it do they?
there were like half a million ticket requests for the game last year. i think you really dont get it.
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