Were Lavar Arrington’s Talent & Career wasted?

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Sorry for the DoubleJs post but with the combine on TV, NFL is on the mind.

Watching alot of draft coverage, with yesterday's being the DT's/LB's, and it got me to thinking with all of these hybrid DE's/OLB's, edge rushers, etc., were Lavar Arrington's true skills & talents wasted?  Could he have been that 20 sack guy we see Demarcus Ware being today?  If the ******** coaching staff didnt try to fit a square peg in a round hole, would Arrington realized the potential and perhaps more?
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yup, those idiots wouldnt just let Lavar turn the corner....


he shoulda been turned loose every down.

such is life, square peg into a round hole
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It's kinda like what they had in plan for Orakpo last year....dude should be rushing the QB 100% of the time, but they want to mold him into a LB and have him cover dudes. I think the coaching staff smartened up and is gonna have Po' rushing the QB all the time next year...

as far as Arrington....here's the thing. He made the Pro Bowl 3 times when he wasn't playing up to his strengths. This dude ruined Troy Aikman and should have been coming off the edge for the majority of his snaps. The franchise placed a lot of blame on him and said he freelanced too much and thus was caught out of position and was a liability. Not to mention they also said he was too dumb to learn the playbook. The latter is not true at all....him freelancing...you can make a case that he would sometimes go on his instiinct and not make a correct read or take a good angle...but he had WAY too much talent to have the so-so stats on his resume. That falls clearly on the coaching. Players do what they're told.
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Ugh...it kills me that he didn't live up to his full potential
 (I only bring it up every 2 months on the ******* Forums 
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