Apr 29, 2006
hey, what's the lowest price you've seen for the west coast lebron iv's in the NYC and north NJ (Hudson County) area? i have the easts but i would love to own a pair of the wests for casual wear for the summer. so can anyone help me out? please list the store name, city, and if possible, the address. not all the info is needed but please try to be as specific as possible. if you know a site then that would be helpful as well. thanks in advance :D

P.S. please don't come in here saying that these are the WEST COAST lebron iv's, so you're only going to get them on the WEST COAST. i am aware of these being the west coast editions but also know that these are available on the east coast.
there are a ton of places with the west coast ivs, last time i checked ndc had them for sale, dont remember the price...think it was around 120....lowest ive seen, not sure about stores sorry havent been out in a while
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Any Dr Jays in the hood should have em' for dirt cheap. The one on Church Ave in Brookyn should definetly have them. Call one near you, if there is one near you and find out.
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the nike factory store @ the jersey gardens outlet has the west coast IVs for $90. i just picked up a sz 10 today :pimp:

they had alot left in sz 8-11 i think...i picked up the last 10 tho 8)
i called up jersey gardens.. no size 11's left.. has anyone out here seen them or anything in nyc. i need these in my life. let me know .

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