wha the fuh?

Jun 11, 2005
i know this is random, but i was lookin at nba.com and the top ten dunks of the regular season, it was comin down to number 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5... and i was like, "i know monta's dunk (ya'll know which dunk im talkin about) is number 1." man....turns out it was lebron's. wha the fuh? lebrons dunk was crazy, but monta's dunk of barbosa brought bay area crowd up and off their seats!!
im a warriors fan and i have to say that the lebron dunk was pretty bad @#%$
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Lebrons Poster > Monta's

But I'll choose Baron's slam on AK47 over any dunk during the regular and postseason.
Too bad we lost that damn game!!!! >:
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the lebron dunk was madness but for his size barons dunk was just ridiculous. I have never seen sportcenter give five of the top ten highlight to one play, and thats what happened after barons dunk. here it is

above explain it all
Azubuike - Barnes - Biedrins - Belinelli - Davis - Ellis - Foyle
Harrington - Jackson - Jasikevicius - O'Bryant - Pietrus - Powell - Wright
Watchin that clip gives me the shivers everytime. I will never forget where and what I was doing when that happened. It ranks up there w/ a lot of old 49er memories.
when that happened, i was goin literally crazy! hahaha...one of the best moments of the playoffs!

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I'll take Baron's dunk over Lebron's....
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