What are good sushi places in orange, anaheim or closeby

Nov 4, 2002
I don't know much about sushi but my girl loves it. So I figured I'd take her to a nice sushi place.

Any suggestions?

I really need the help.
Chomps in DT Fullerton...

Corner of Pomona and Commonwealth. Their weekend buffet is really good.
It's a good idea to hit them up especially if you go for their champagne brunch. It can get kind of busy.
Alright... I'm gonna take her to San Shi Go. Anything I need to know? I made a reservation already. Help me out. It's her b-day.
there was some place at the spectrum center in irvine too.
its like maki's or something with ma.
might be too late now, but their happy hour is pretty dope.
half off most sushi

looking for:
vnds/ds am95s in sz 8-8.5
vnds/ds 3s & 4s in sz 8
yeah, the place at spectrum in irvine is maki maki

the sushi is mediocre at best.. it's no wonder they offer happy hour, which is packed on mondays

i'm not mad at half off though
you and i sushi in laguna hills. i think lunch is $16 all you can eat and dinner is $21. ive been there only once but i enjoyed it. otherwise i heard yamatos is good too.

ive also had ginzaya in yorba linda. not bad.
^^^concur...Joe's is awesome.

If you want to take her to a movie after, go to Koji's in the Block of Orange.

There's also RA sushi in the Del Amo mall, happy hour 4-7pm M-F and 8-11pm on Sunday.

those are the three place I go to and I haven't been disappointed
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