What are the dopest album intro's you've ever heard?

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Not the best debut you've ever heard, but the best intro to any album you've ever heard?

This Big Boi intro is definitely among the dopest of intros I've ever heard.

If y'all don’t know me by now
Y'all ain’t gon' never know me
I go by the name of the B-I-G, the B-O-I
One half of the mighty Outkast
Yeah one whole of me, the whole thing
Welcome to Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, yeah

My dawg pretty much just said, I'm one of the best to have done it, to do it and ever do it, so if you dont know who I am, if you haven't heard of my name before by now, then this aint your kinda party.

How cold is that?
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"Be" and "Roc La Familia" is up there.

Wait. Was "Tha Mobb" by Tune an intro? On think "Fly In" was the intro...
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Me Against the World intro...just shows where he was at that point in his life w/ the shooting leading into Die 2Night :pimp:
Ambitionz az a Ridah

Dynasty Intro

You May Die on ATLiens
Joined Dec 14, 2005
Dynasty intro and kingdom come intro as people have said. Blueprint intro, Intro to vol 2 is up there too, especially now knowing the story behind how bleek feel off and hov linked back up with him. Dreams and nightmares intro is tough when the beat drops and it's the best thing on that album.
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after a quick skim thru my itunes.........................

Intro - Lord Willin'
Long Live A$AP
Nothing Like It- The Reason
The Truth
Intro - Purple Haze
Car Service - How Fly (mixtape but it still deserves a mention IMO lol)
Intro - It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
The Ruler's Back - Blueprint
Intro - Dynasty
Say You Will - 808's
Tha Mobb - Carter II
Bomb First - Makaveli
WWIII - Ryde or Die Vol. 2
Hypnotize - The Inspiration
Future of the ROC - Tough Luv
Joined Aug 13, 2008
Killer Mike's "pledge allegiance to the grind part 2"
I'm gonna start playing it for my son. makes me wanna be great
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