What are these?

Jul 10, 2007
I need some help identifying these foams, I am a Jordan guy and I am not too familiar with the different foamposite shoes out there. I made a thread in theLegit Check forum but I'm too impatient. Also if anybody could tell me the rough value of these that would be very helpful. Anyway, here are the pics:

PS - Is there a site that lists out all the different foams that have come out, like air-jordans.com does for jordans? I see different ones when I browsethrough ebay but I never know whats what.
yea those came out in plenty of TB colorways,

word of advice, only get these if you have a high arch.
i really don't know if my arch is high compared to other people (i think its about average), but I just got a pair off ebay for 35 bucks so if they dontfeel good i can live with the loss.
Thats a good pickup!
Congrats, if the arch doesnt bother you, they feel great! Enjoy those!
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