what CALIFORNIA beaches allow ALCOHOL.

I know a lot of them do...but you just can't bring bottles.

so beer or anything that's already been pre-mixed.
oh btw...do you even know what you're talking about? Get the hell out here with your 15 yr old self...

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Technically none of them do, since it is Illegal. But, like Ross said if you don't take bottles they usually don't make a big deal out of it. Oh yeah, it can't be a popular beach, alcohol in any container will get you booted ASAP.
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your joking right? Damn playboy your game is weak. Havent you ever heard of paper cups?
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I was near Penninsula Park in Newport Beach @ the fire pits with a very large gathering after my wedding and there was alcohol everywhere (despite what the signs say). I saw no cops or anyone enforcing any laws, heck I even saw a girl getting double teamed in a truck that was parked in a fire lane.
San Diego is the last city to allow alcohol on two beaches from noon to 8pm. Check out Del Mar/Solana and Mission Beach...July 4th is so serious at these places - the females are bananas...

but c'mon dude, so many people get plastered at any said beach, its ridiculous
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techinically it's illegal to drink alcohol in public. But come on, just bring a bottle
what it comes down to it...

anywhere in public is illegal to drink, however you can brown bag it, or just put it in another container that has nothing to do with alcohol.
i thought it is illegal to drink in public?

depends...you can drink when you tailgate at a stadium...Im pretty sure you can bring cans at the beach.

We went to La jolla shores last year and we had beer, cops were passing by and didnt say anything.
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San Onofre state beach alows you to drink bear. pretty chill place to fish too..
it may have been awhile ago, but I thought some SD beaches allow alcohol? I swear last time I was down at a beach in SD (coulda been 2+ years ago) people were drinking and not even on the sly. cans of beer wide out in the open.
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yea like a few other people said, in san diego its a go at most of the beaches. i know that around the time i was moving away they were trying to change that but we used to have a keg down on pacific beach pretty much every weekend during the summers when i lived out there.

mission beach as well. and it is/was perfectly legal. just no bottles. cops would roll around all day and hit people up that didnt look 21 but that was about it.
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