What city is in a need of a Sneakerhead Boutique ?

Aug 17, 2007
SoleCAL is looking for a place call home! Give us your dream spot and say why business will be hot in that area.

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Team SoleCAL
chula vista, california

why would it be hot in that area?

theres no other real good things there sneaker/clothing wise at all, there is only Orphinage Skateshop and soon to be Active Rideshop but really other than that there is nothing. its also a rapidly growing area and theres a lot of shoeheads comin out of there and developing nicely since theres been a lot of talk about chargers moving out here, plus i live there and would definately be checkin out on the daily, i would even work there if needed haha wink wink so for sure chula vista needs that shizzle
san diego does it right
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Bellflower !

its next to cerritos and lakewood :smile:
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Both cities are legit. With Chula Vista... There is AM/FM, The Fizix and ACTIVE is huge now a days. Any particular center you would consider?
AM/FM Moved to PB...

But a new ChulaVista location is in the works from what I've heard.

Fizix isint in Chula Vista either.
Team SD
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santa ana or irvine
Lookin' for Grapes, Supreme Blazers, DQM AM90s, and Any Patent Forces in an 10.5-11. I'd prefer a SoCal meetup.
Also looking for an XL Dead Serious hoody in black.
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the inland empire. especially riverside, ontario, and rancho cucamonga area
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SOCAL such as 562/949/714/310/323/818/626 has it covered already. everyone who posted before me is posting their cities because they want it to be within walking distance, when in reality, most shops are only a short drive away if you live in the area codes i listed, with exception to big parts of the 818.

what city needs one? id say something like sherman oaks, VALENCIA, PALMDALE, somewhere in the valley pretty much. thatd be the smart business move because aside from FA, FL, FNL and your occasional skateshop/val surf, theres nothing else out there. cats from those areas are thirsty, and i think itd be a wise choice for someone to set up shop out there IMO...
Damn this is crazy that the shoe game is in mad demand in many cities. We will keep every comment on consideration and be sure to keep checking www.solecal.com.

We plan to open a shop soon and we hope we can provide mad heat mainstream and underground. We want to do something different that most shop havent done before.

What does everyone want to see in their shops? Skate, What kind of kicks and Brand for clothing?

Team SoleCAL
ever been to proper? do what they do and you will be good. i agree with cincoseisdos about locations though. most areas are covered already
i think everyone overlooks chula vista area, san diego has a lot less than LA area and CV has basically nothing so far, i think SD heads deserve a new shop to hit up besides blends
san diego does it right
KICKS 10.5-11

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i'd say open one before the trend passes. I wonder how these shops make money since they've been having a lot of big sales.
Interesting.. Is there an Active out in SD? I know they are opening one up in Tustin and working down.
^^^Active always had its store in Escondido, there's a new one in San Ysidro and one coming to Chula Vista area....But really that's only good if you want SB's. A store in the south side of SD other than a skateshop would be a good idea if you ask me....or were you guys thinking along the lines of a skateshop?

SD...The only place for me.

WTB: Vans Mr. Cartoon Authentics. 11-12
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