What do you think of the new "make your own dance" trend in hip hop?

Nov 18, 2003
First Soulja Boy did it with the Superman and now you have everyone making up there own dance from the Cupid Shuffle to the Stanky Leg and even the RickyBobby. For the most part those dances came from southern artists trying to make a break into the record industry with a catchy track with hopes you wouldremember their name at the end of the day.
Now it seems that some of our beloved hip hop vets are starting to join the trend like Busta Rhymes with Arab Money and most recently Diddy with the Diddy Bophttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=K2PONHLS. These records are hot but are they hot because there is a dance youcan do in the club or because they are hot tracks. I'm curious to see what you think...
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