What does Raekwon mean when he says he reps "the vatican"

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Vatican (1-3) were a series of mixtapes by him.

and if you remember, hi second lp was called Immobilarity, whichaside from the acronym, it's based off Immobiliare, the companyVito Corleone became a major stockholder of from TheGodfather III, wherein the Vatican also was a shareholder.

Rae's lyrics, and OB4CL generated / solidified that whole mafia %##* in hip-hop ( kool g is the father though), with the whole wu having aliases /alter-egos, and being legitimately linked with represenatives from the real 5 families of New York.
Wu was legitly tied to the Gambino crime family as gunrunners.

A lot of people think O.D.B. was crazy but the government really was watching dude's. Whenever you have feds involved it's a legit case.
Rest in peace Chico, a lot of +$%! I can't speak on.

and airmax be cool cousin,
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