What happen to the AF-1 iD??

Apr 11, 2009
Well I know they don't have it on store.nike.com anymore and they don't do it anymore at NSW studios except the Bespoke Studio in NYC.

Do they accept orders from "normal" people like us at the Bespoke Studio or is it just for celebs?

I really regret that I didn't and coudn't get any back in the time when they did AF-1 iD service to public...
i think they only opened it to online customers for a limited time for the 25th anniversary

unless you visit the studio, no chance
i was in the city 4/17 at the nsw and one of the sales people said they still do the regular af1 id even as a walk-in. Bespoke is opened to anybody as longas you got the funds, you gotta call in advance though for an appt.
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