What happened to Joe Budden?

Discussion in 'Music' started by justcordell717, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    I've come here to vent. At a point, (fromy about 04-07) he was probably my favorite rapper. But he lost me, and I can't quite put my finger on it. The quality in production is definitely one thing, I think that's suffered. But it has more to do with the content. I suppose in a sense all great artists explore their emotions but why does listoning to Budden feel like talking to a psychiatrist? And not in a good way. I'm posting as a fan, I don't get it. It use to pop up here and there ex. "stained". But it's completely dominated his content now. No more "young ninjas", or "stand up nucca". Idk it use to be a little more street and grounded. Thoughts?
  2. illscan


    Nov 11, 2007
    I never really messed with dude to begin with, but leather vest Joe is an extra no go.
  3. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    I feel you, I mean it appealed to me cuz it was street but it was vulnerable. It was a perspective we hadn't heard. Him opening up about getting high his relationship wit his mom. Aside from Eminem I hadn't heard that kinda stuff before. But now it all sounds like this
    "Here's my moment of clarity. I been misleading you all giving you half of me. I been blazing a trail and leaving casualties. I'll diagnose myself I think it's apathy".

    Like wtf is that fam? It sounds very effeminate. It's weird to listen to. Then he'll go and pick apart the people in his life, it's effeminate and arrogant. Hard to think this is the same cat that use to kill clue tapes smh.
  4. Magic33


    May 16, 2003
    Effeminate? Being self aware and dealing with your issues? I don't get that one at all.

    With all the effeminate issues in today's rappers and this generation, that's far from one.

    He found his niche and uses his music as therapy.
  5. SoleByThePound


    Jul 20, 2012
  6. trill nimley

    trill nimley

    Oct 5, 2014
    From when he first came out to Mood Muzik 3 he was in my top 5.

    Now I don't really pay attention to him. I'll check out the new one tho.
  7. Peep Game

    Peep Game

    Jun 2, 2011
    Never at all had a problem with Budden as an MC. He's very dope. It's always been his beats to me. He just raps over a lot of forgettable production, and this goes all the way back to his debut album.
  8. delete


    Feb 19, 2010
    Budden is dope
  9. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    For all my mans that died, with grams at they side
    Plans just to ride, gun jammed when he tried
    Ballers who never made it out the hood
    Cats who owed, but never made it out the hood
    If they offered you pleas and you went to court with it
    My dawgs doin time cause you got caught with it
    Or if you need cheddar, blast heat whenever
    And run from the cops cause you know the streets better
    Dope ****** who rich cause they know connects
    Or dope ****** who spit but got no connects
    If you pitch to pay rent, but get no business
    Life in the state pen but get no visits
    Fend for yourself cause you ain't got no boys
    Ride or die, really you ain't got no choice
    If your alibi's straight when you're wanted on the stand
    Soldiers that take they football numbers like a man
    Hustle O-Z cause your product rich there
    Hood know you snitch but you gotta live there
    You held your man shot, you don't know where it hit him
    And you tryin to buy guns, you don't know where to get 'em
    If you strapped in the streets with your palms all black
    Young G's that gotta see they moms on crack
    Pop can't be found, hand me down
    When you the oldest out of five, hold the family down
    If you caught a body and your wiz hid you out
    If you slept in the park when moms kicked you out
    Or if you gonna die, you gon' leave with a slug
    Idolized your big bro, but he was a thug
    If you squeeze your leather first cause it never hurt
    Street cats that never work cause it never worked
    Or if you got your **** snatched, gripped, clipped the mack
    Too small for the kickback, but gotta get your **** back
    Killed ****** playin, but you was only boxin
    Accept twenty flat as your only option
    Calm in the jungle in between the system
    If you high on parole and gotta clean your system
    If you told 'em to stop, cause soon you'll lose it
    Pull up your pants leg, bullet wounds to prove it
    Or if you grabbed the liquor, swallow it hard
    If they drive-by on you but you follow the car
    Full clip cause your foes is lurkin; or the D's at your door
    With a picture, "Do you know this person?"
    If you dead broke, but forced into extortin
    Cause your girl pregnant and she don't want a abortion
    Got charged before, strap a gun anyway
    Took the state's lawyer, but you won anyway
    Stand up cats beat the odds by far
    Real recognize real, R.R.R

    Don't mistake a amped up nucca.. for what?
    For a stand up nucca.. I won't
    If you a stand up nucca.. then what?

    This was the Joe Budden that made me pay attention
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  10. harlemtothebronx


    Dec 26, 2003
    He tried to broaden his sound, but it didn't work. I'm hoping he goes back to MM Joe on this one. Sounds good based off the snippets I heard.
  11. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    Now ALL he does is explore his feelings like this

    See I'm so self destructive, hurt anyone that come near
    Done it my whole career, was always one of her fears
    Hurt her so much in the past, I'm supposed to be healin' her
    But she love me so much, she say that it's only killin' her
    Now she say she can't watch it, pill poppin', it's toxic
    Promised her I would stop it, just go hide when I pop it
    It's a shame we can never be the same, wasn't prideful
    How can I tell you I'm nowhere near finished from bein' suicidal?
    Baby that wasn't me, just some ***** that smelled like me
    **** like you stuck by some ***** that felt like me
    You watched me lose weight, you just waited there helplessly
    You just offerin' help to me, I just dissed the **** selfishly
    When you left, I condemned you, really I should commend you
    Not for havin' that in you, but for havin' the strength to
    I make amends to you now, you shouldn't have seen me that high
    I killed you when you wasn't ready to die
  12. Hahahaha

    Hahahaha formerly ballerific703

    Dec 15, 2004
    Mood Muzik 2 is one of my favorite projects of all time. 3 is also up there on my list.

    I know what you're saying. His new music sounds off. I find it harder listening to his new stuff. No Love Lost was a garbage album, even though he said he was high on molly that whole time. The EP he released last year was cool but still something was missing. This new album he got coming out sounds pretty good so far. He said it's basically Mood Muzik 5.

    Ordinary Love 1-4 are some of the best songs to come out in the last few years though. Some real **** being said in those songs.
  13. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    I'm not hating or saying there's anything wrong with evolving artistically. But I just went from being 1 of bruh's biggest fans to not being able to listen to him at all. And I just heard a new song yesterday and it did nothing for me. Just wanted to know if anybody felt the same way, guess I'm alone lol
  14. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    Yeah see that ordinary love ishhh is what I don't like. All he seems to wanna talk about are his relationships with people, a song or two here or there I can dig that. But whole projects?? That's not why I became a Budden fan, no more "Hands High" or "Old School Mouse" or "Stand Up Nucca" or "Young Ninjas". It's ALL about his relationships, failed relationships specifically. It's like Usher's confessions meets Drake without the melody and good production lmaooo
  15. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    But he be like "see the problem is that I'm apathetic, you think it's really love in disguise I think that that's pathetic. Maybe my sarcasm going over your head, or maybe my insecurities are taking over instead." Lmaoooooo #raplikebudden
  16. suge67


    Jun 8, 2006
    I was a huge Joe Budden fan in the mid 2000's. Dude honestly lost me when Raekwon's man snuffed him in the eye and Joe went on Ustream with a icepack on his face to talk about it. Dude is a cornball/lunatic. He exposed himself through social media. I couldnt separate his personal life from his internet life. He posts everything online just as much as he raps about it. At the end of the day, feels like I got to know him a little too well to tolerate his music.
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  17. jthagreat


    Dec 29, 2004
    same boat as you OP
  18. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    Yeah I feel you, it's like his social media presence distorted your perception of bruh as an artist. Sounds silly, but I hear you.
  19. justcordell717


    Jul 1, 2015
    Like the more you kept tryna go to bat for dude, the more he kept giving you reasons not to lol.
  20. copped


    Oct 30, 2004
    budden is like that dude who is usually right about what he says but just mad annoying and corny with it which discredits anything he has to say...