What happened to the kid Remarqs? (Milk Carton)

Joined Feb 3, 2004
Dude was one of the first NT rappers that I really messed with.  He had this track called "My Hood" I'm pretty sure he was from Marcy.  Another track I remember was called "Morning" I believe.  Dude had talent.

Was one of the first Niketalkers that I remember trying to beat people up offline though.  He always had stories about doing dirt, and getting locked up.  And he was sure to assert his "G".  I used to think he was Nay Nimbley. 

I'm hoping dude didn't catch a case, or a shell. 

Also missing, ColdSunX and some white dude that used to irritate the hell out of me, but he ended up being really cool.  His name was UGI (Not Dingle, even though I didn't like him at first either)

The Nastradamus LP:  Better than your favorite rappers best album. 
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