What is the BIN 23s?

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it's french for "use the search engine, this has been asked several times already"
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BIN does not stand for Buy It Now. The term BIN is used because the colorways and ideas they use for the BIN series were denied once, so now they use them. Best way I can describe it is like ideas that weren't appreciated at the time so were put in a garbage bin.
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Kinda to add on to Jordanscrub, i've also hear that its kinda like wine or something, they are put in "BINs" to age, the colorways were put away a long time ago, maybe because they were not appreciated at the time and then theyve been released, and like wine, theyre better with age haha
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Also yes, BIN=Premio.

They are certain shoes that have dropped in limited numbers with each pair uniquely numbered.
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