what is the difference between XX2 and the XX2 PE?

XX2 PE seems like a MUCH better balling shoe.

Looks wise I'd take the XX2 > XX2 PE, but on the court its a big difference between the two.
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you have the zoom and air pod on the xx2. you do not have that option on the xx2pe. you have the air pod only which is also the same setup in the xx2 lows. other than that, there shouldn't be much difference.
I've been wearing both for a while now, and there are a few differences;

The standard XX2 has a sockliner with slightly raised sections at the ball of the foot and the heel, as well as triangle shaped ventilation. The PE has a standard sockliner.

The lacing system on the PE allows for a *much* tighter fit without any lace slip in the laces - unlike the standard XX2.

The toe area on the PE feels a little more narrow, and just slightly more elongated. My experience was that it's not to the point of different sizing being needed from the standard XX2. The upper on the PE appears to be Optimobuck(?) fairly sure it's standard nubuck on the first XX2.

The front of the midsole feels a little thicker on the PE - also it's midsole doesn't seem to crease so easily.

The Air unit in the PE appears to be glued down to the inside of the outsole. After cutting the lining, i had difficulty removing it, and didn't want to force it.

Having Just an air unit for the heel isn't that bit a sacrifice - a large chunk of the heel is phylon and i can't feel much of a difference between the two units in the standard XX2.

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^^nice comparison, I think the pe looks a lot nicer than the original, hopefully both will eventually end up around $70
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Probably going to be easier to get the PE for a low price.

After the XIX SE, the regional 20s and the 21PE people seem to have gotten into the habit of thinking the later version of the newest numbered Air Jordan is inevitably lacking.

Lookswise, i'm not sure which i prefer. Fit wise i definitely prefer the PE. To me, it *feels* more like a basketball shoe. If you're looking for a shoe to play in... i think the PE has a noticeable edge.
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got to get to the store to try on a pair of black xx2 pe's. been meaning to grab a new pair of ballin jays
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