What material are LV belt buckles made from??

Joined Mar 21, 2010
My cousin has an upcoming art project hes working on and he wants me to paint this belt as part of it 

However i dont know what kind of paint to use for the actual LV logo and have no idea what kind of metal (i guess) the buckle is made from... Any suggestions on what would be a good paint to use..... Considering its going to be more than one color i rather not use something that will easily rub off
Joined Dec 22, 2007
scuff it..wipe it down with alcohol..acrylic enamel..what I use to paint cars so im sure it will work on a belt buckle
Joined Sep 4, 2009
i mean if your gonna paint over it, then just get a variant belt. no need to blow 400+ on a belt just to color it. unless you got money to blow.
Joined May 30, 2008
cheap material, made in the same factory side by side with the southpole belts from marshalls
Joined Mar 21, 2010
Thanks for the help guys.... As far as buying a belt the only reason we are using his is because he has no use for it considering the denim left some really bad stains on it so its whatever.

Hopefully i get the correct kind of paint and it doesnt continue to rub off
Joined Feb 18, 2004
isn't the denim stain just on the inside though? i know that's how mine is, but i have the ebene inventeur.

gotta agree with cop a fake from canal/ebay. i mean, even if you paint the real, you could at least experiment on the fake.

what's the final look gonna be?
Joined Dec 3, 2009
Buy a fake one, sell me this one, lmk what size it is, since he's willing to ruin it why not make a few bucks on it?
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