What NTer Is This? SHOW YOURSELF!!


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Son sounded EXACTLY like Cartman when he said "Take your ******g money" :lol:
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Francis had me fooled. I thought that he was actually mentally challenged.

Then I saw his xbox one rant and I was like wait...wut?
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As did I. Didnt want to laugh.

He has a point on gamestop.
No he doesn't. We're gonna pay someone regardless, publishers just want it to be them not GameStop. It was a genius business move on gamestops end IMO.

Just like how netflix is doing Hollywood.
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Obviously fake.

But working in the wireless industry I have spoken with someone like this a few weeks ago.He had ran up $300+ in google play charges for candy crush and called in, he wasn't mad about his bill, he was mad because it wasn't allowing him to purchase more :smh: It is pretty crazy how many people out there spend money in these in game purchases, see facebook game purchases for coins and crap all the time.
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