--What paint to use on the AJ XIV--

Apr 3, 2007
As many of you know the "teeth" and the sides on the XIV fall apart and lose its paint/color due to wear >:
-i.e. on the hardwood. I have the white/forest green colorway. So I'm wondering what paint I could use that still compliments these and won't make them look too bad. They are on their way downhill, but i still use them as my primary ballin shoes so i want them to look decent, at the very least. Furthermore, is their anyway I could find a paint that has that little hint of sparkle (like what the color Jordan uses). ok thanks in advance NT. Sorry if these q's are ansered somewhere in here, Im a noob :lol:
im not too sure what paint to use but i think that the material that the "teeth" and outsole are made of, paint wouldnt stick 2 well and will crack over and over again. if you could somehow get ur hands on some paint like Jb uses, then it might work. try sneaker care/maintenance for a better answer.
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