Mar 28, 2006
I've met kingcrux31 and carlofromdapi. Both cool guys, showed me around Manila when I visited a few years back. They even paid for my lunch! :wow:

Who have you met? And what do you think of them?
They even paid for my lunch

I met blitzw1ng.. played ball with him a few times... he don't post here anymore though...
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met airwin..very kind person..he even ask me to eat but i have to leave because i have a date..hehehe
I've only met tsiken and vungaw... me and batman haven't met personally (my bro has though) but we have met spiritually :lol:

My brother has met airwin and ghostface; I have seen Air Kamote's face on yahoo messenger :rofl:

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i've only seen some of the guys in the embassy event pics.

i talk to ghostface in ym but i havent met anybody.

coincidentally, i may have seen one of you in shoe stores and in which case, we were both unaware we were NTers.
Think of all the possibilities.
The guys at the Lebron Launch and at the 3 Laws. The guys from last Sunday's bball game at The Zone - ben, psx, ghostface. Bigballer is a kumpare. Plus DoubleO, whom, I found out, is actually a friend/classmate from college.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy


lionheart, littlebenben, carlofromdapi, lakersclippers, pennybibby, feathertouch, bigballer, flashout, airkamote, evillest, leerichmonds, ntyce, kobe beef, sharpshooter, ghostface, airwin, vdeezy, noypi555, sinichi of sole, PCRIZZZY, CJM, fc1114 and HK superstars kookies.net and ATAR1.

If I forgot anyone, feel free to add your name.
Yahoo and AOL IM: kingcrux31

Just met feathertouch...we've known each other for almost 16 years now..heh...but will plan to meet with other NTers like tsiken pag-uwi sa April...hope may small summit para magkita-kita tayong lahat...

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I met the NTers who attended the LeBron II launch party and the Sneaker Pimps Manila tour...Talked to PCRIZZY on phone while the rest of the gang eating dinner and drinking beer after the summit in Nike Attitude Eastwood...Talked to CK as well and saw his pictures on most of the threads here...Ka-text or ka-IM ko din yung iba pag naghahanap ng hook-ups...hehehe!...Hopefully I could join again in another "summit" or perhaps the basketball game the other pinoy NTers are setting up in THE ZONE every Sunday...That is, if my time and schedule permits....

littlebenben, airwin, ghostface (who i found out is an old friend btw), bigballer, psx

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haven'tmet any nters yet....want to... pero matatagalan pa...i signed a new contract to stay here for another 2 yrs.. imbes na umuwi ako, family ko na lang pupunta dito for xmas...thats the plan :wink:
bouncingboy, kingcrux, noypi, carlofromdapi, flashout, evillest, josen, feathertouch, bigballer, pcrizzy, cjm, lakersclippers, airkamote (batchmate in mapua but never met him as a nter), and other peeps from the lbj2 launch & eastwood summits
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i've met CK when he was in NY for the DMP release. i know tsikenjoy.....
airwin is a "text" friend but have not met him personally....
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^^^ i don't know him he's lying!!!! :lol:

-i'm very fortunate to have met ck....
-been chatting with carlo...lookin forward to meeting you dre
-dealt with kc
-been bothering double o about lebron price and legit checks...thanks men, i'll be seeing you sa pinasssssss
-very excited to have a chance to meet with other phil nt'ers...like double o said...sana may gathering kahit mini summit... :wink:

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Gameover - been friends since college, we play ball against each other, gimmick minsan etc

ck - ive met his bro, will probably meet him soon ata hehe? he's hooked me up. what a great collection. u guys have no idea.

ghostface- met a couple of times even before the NT games. we buy shoes from the same places.

littlebenben- played w him at moro, see him around makati.

vungaw - text "friend" watsup? hooked me up also w a DMP. looking forward to meeting him also so i can thank him personally

airpopoy- met him, nice guy. phone crazy dude hehe

bigballer & psx - met them sa nt game

kingcrux,carlo,vdeezy,fetahertouch,sliqmik,evillest - met them at the embassy event. all compliments from me. carlo and kc even offered help for my damaged xxi suedes

shoelogy- met him when he visited from japan. real nice guy

babyboo29 - another online friend, very helpful

hope i didnt forget anyone. people ive met so far seem to be nice! looking forward to meeting the others.

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pennybibby, kingcrux, noypi, carlofromdapi, flashout, evillest, josen, feathertouch, bigballer, lakersclippers, airkamote and others from the lbj2 launch (still remember the cute girl wearing the nike sando? he he he!)
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^^^^hahaha same here pare, nice to meet you, as i've said before sa sobrang down to earth mo eh amoy lupa ka na!!!!!!....
mber No.58[/b]​
Kingcrux - thanks for the hookups back in 2003

- also in 2003

Lionheart (Ken) - saw him in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.
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