What should I buy?

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So I need some basketball shoes fast!

I play SG/Sf and PF in rare cases.  

I need something that's very responsive and cushioned and that allows for a high takeoff, excellent traction! I was trying to decide between KD V or Hyperdunk 2012, but I'm open to other suggestions. The most important part is the traction( other shoes I've had slip all the time, but they we're not basketball shoes.) I'm more of a defensive player if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad grammer!
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Hey. I know I don't really post here alot, but I'm on here alot and I have god experience with performance-based basketball shoes. Anyway, with what you've provided, I would say that the Melo M9 would be good. Also, if you like the hyperdunk 2012, that would be good too. The hyperdunks usually meet most people's basic basketball needs, no matter the position. But my number one recommendation are the M9's. The only drawbacks on them are that to me, they don't have alot of good colors. Like I like the design but I'm personally very picky with colors. But also, it would've helped to know your weight and maybe height, just to get a feel for your body type.
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Honestly, get some kobe 4s or 5s. If you cant find them I would look at some Adidas. Nikes are nice and all, but the price of the Adidas basketball shoes + durability is better. You can always buy the current model kobe or hyper dunk and wear them out in 6 months
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